Nicksy comes barging in

"May tinatapos kasi ako eh," Sudoy said.

"Okay lang," I answered. "Magpaparamdam na lang ako kay Sars."

I bid him goodbye, walked out of the office, waited for an elevator, went up, went down, and in between, sent Sars a text message.

"Andito ulit ako. Lunch?"

I found myself in a busy canteen. A really busy canteen. It was, after all, the middle of lunch break. I stood there for three minutes before finally deciding that Sars won't reply to my text message.

I walked out, took an escalator towards the train station, bought a ticket, and waited for the next train to come. It was taking a while. I think three trains arrived on the other side of the platform before I got in one. I decided the day was too good to pass up an opportunity to have lunch with someone.

"Free for lunch today?"

"No, sorry!" Michelle replied. "I'm out with my friend today."

"It's okay," I answered. "Long shot nga." It was a hashtag at the end of my text message.

The second train arrived on the other side of the platform.

"Free for lunch today?"

Clarence didn't reply. The third train came, and finally, a train I can get in. A fourth train. An empty fourth train. An unusually empty fourth train, since I'm not in the last station. Turns out there was another breakdown, which was exactly what I had anticipated.

"I'm in Bohol," Sars replied.

"Ay," I replied. "Oh well. Ingat diyan!"

"Good luck!" she said.

I got to my station. I got up another escalator, texting Gwen. "I hate being in Ortigas and nobody is available for lunch," I said. She, obviously, did not reply. I ended up splurging on pepper rice.

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