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I don't care what some say about guys being not supposed to watch the royal wedding. The math favors my curiosity: I'm 22, and the last really big royal wedding was three decades ago. And then there's the fact that all major TV networks have decided to devote blanket coverage of the event, going as far as pushing their evening newscasts to a later time slot to accommodate the video feed from Westminster Abbey. You can imagine the perverse joy inside me when I watched ABS-CBN take the BBC's coverage, knowing that Huw Edwards and Sophie Raworth aren't strange names to me, and scoffing when the local channels insist on throwing in ads when their feed was funded by the licence fee.

Yes, there's the spectacle - the "richest display of pageantry" in a while, the newspapers would say - and then there's seeing how people reacted to the event. There are the people camping outside the procession's route - a million, again according to the newspapers. You'd forget there are people who don't give a toss, the Brits who think it's just another wedding, only one funded by the taxpayer, supplying another reason that justifies their wishes for the monarchy to wither out of existence. And then there are the two billion people - newspapers, yes - watching on their TVs around the world, including the people on my Twitter timeline.

There's the urge to talk about how the union of who we're now supposed to call the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge happening in a much smaller world. But instead, I'll talk about how my friends fawned over every detail. Granted, they're female media types, so they're not just fawning about Kate's wedding dress or William's eerie similarity to our incompetent president. The BBC somehow managed to rig a camera, a spinning camera, at the high ceilings of Westminster Abbey. I was afraid it would fall, kill the newlyweds, and trigger a flurry of conspiracy theorists. My timeline was going, "wow, that camera, I like!" although not in those exact spazzed-out words, of course.

But that's just part of it. We're talking about the ladies. I don't mean to be sexist, but they're the people who want - nay, need - to be swept off their feet. No surprise the royal wedding would appeal to them. Sure, William and Kate were friends for a decade, and the period between their engagement and the actual wedding was roughly half a year, but the whole thing was still so grand, you can't help but feel overwhelmed. I wish someone does that to me, they'd go. They'd watch the ceremonies, wait for the vows, and go, hah, when will this happen to me? We did grow up with fairy tales, of girls waiting for true love, and of guys giving it to them, after a mountain of trials and the occasional dragon. We end up being a delusional lot. The girls, especially. See? Sexist.

"Ako, I object, hindi n'yo ba naririnig?"

Pretty much the thought of every woman when the bishop asked if anyone thinks the wedding shouldn't push through. Alas, the sidewalks are far from Westminster Abbey, and much more a home somewhere in the Philippines. I would've told Krizzie that - not out of annoyance, note - but the high number of question marks that followed that tweet made me chuckle.

My Twitter timeline was full of wedding quotes, observations and the actually cynical "I wish this union would last forever" tweet. And then there's Krizzie, who started looking for film schools in London, hoping for the chance to meet the (let's face it, much more handsome) Prince Harry. "Guys, hindi n'yo naiintindihan," she tweeted halfway through the ceremony. "I have this need. Need. To meet Prince Harry." Which would lead to a royal romance, and hopefully, a royal wedding. Blanket coverage, two billion people watching around the world, all eyes on you, Prince Harry's bride. You'll exchange vows, wave at the commoners outside, and maybe outdo your new brother-in-law's two pecks. Swept off your feet. Exactly.

I get it. We were all taught, as children, to aim for happily ever after. The problem is, we end up delusional. We can't be content with what we have; we want it big, so big, so freaking big that it's virtually impossible to have unless luck is on your side. We have ladies looking for their prince, and passing over anybody else who doesn't fit their standards. Yes, I know, you're nice, and your feelings are genuine, but you're not gonna cut it for me. You're just not good enough. And what is good enough? Someone who'll give me the moon and the stars. And that's not a metaphor. What, a grand gesture? You know, my friend did that once. With a little courage I can pull that off. Whatever you're thinking, it's not gonna cut it. I want that times fifty. Fine, that scenario is unlikely, but once you see a woman get just that - preferably on a television - you feel like being on Bride Wars.

Maybe delusional isn't the term. Shallow is. The need to see what you feel, rather than actually feel it. And I'm frustrated because, apparently, feeling something isn't enough anymore. You have to walk the talk. And even if the experts say you have to spend a minute and a half making eye contact with that someone, just to make her feel loved, well, they'd want a car to go with it. But the thing is, Kate probably didn't ask for that from William. All the pomp was circumstance. We all didn't see past that. Which is why we're two billion people watching on our televisions, hoping it's us. Okay, I meant half that number.

And your responses...

and i thought it was about my "MOMOL" comment that you were going to write.

i dont know if you know this but i'll say it anyway. girls always want to be swept off their feet. it's the fault of the western storybooks and Disney Princesses. Weddings and being a princess has been injected in little girls' minds. then again when it comes to the person a girl wants to marry, the sidelines would blur because the feeling steps forward. The long list of expectations or criteria wouldn't be followed. at the end of the day, people find someone they're comfortable with - and would be in love with, without a particular explanation.

that's the power of love. but then again. that's just it for me :))

Anonymous krizzie4/30/2011     

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