We are the bad people

This blog entry was supposed to be all about me being such a complaining old git.

I was reorganizing my links area (again) early this week and noticed that more people were blogging on Tumblr. All fine and good, except that I've seen my sister browse through her dashboard, often to amuse herself at what the people she follows have reblogged. I've taken a look sometimes, especially when she starts to laugh annoyingly, and all I see are reblogs. And more reblogs.

So, I thought, Tumblr isn't a blogging platform - it's just full of reblogs. Sure, there are the people who actually blog something, else there wouldn't be reblogs - but pretty much all of the content an ordinary user would see on the site is copied and pasted (okay, clicked, it's easier) from somewhere else.

"I started to get irked when I realized there was no self-reflection or self-production at all," Asia said.

"Amen," I answered. "It's blogging for lazy people. Very lazy people."

"I miss LJ days. Pa-spoil na pa-spoil yung generation."

"It only pays to be witty now, not creative. If you can retweet, why bother to think?"

"Yeah, true. 'Creativity' requires a bigger venue than here, no? Ewan, bakit ba kasi nagka-Tumblr. I sound like a grumpy lady."

"You're not alone. Also, it's much more complicated socially. Being 'creative' means a lot of things now, status-wise."

"Hindi lang kasi tayo Tumblr generation."

"Eh mga contemporaries natin, ganun."

To further prove that I sound like a complaining old git, I decided that I'm also a bit peeved at Facebook's like function. Sure, there are good intentions behind it: if you agree with what's said but you can't really add to the conversation, then just click on "like" and everything's fine. But people now tend to just click on "like" and nothing more. Or maybe it's me and my bruised ego, expecting people to answer when I've stirred some debate, only to see three likes.

And to make things worse, I'm actually part of my problem. I like something when I can't add anything substantial. Maybe I like too much, but I'm not like other people who like everything. (The latest Lola Techie ad: "like, like, like, like!") (Also, I know "like" is a verb, but not this kind of verb. Writing those sentences feel weird.) And I also retweet. "Does Bong Revilla believe anything that he says in his AMA commercial?" Jayvee asked. I agreed. I can't add anything. I retweeted. I'm not just a complaining old git. I'm a hypocrite.

I know getting retweeted makes for a good feeling. At least I make sense to someone, you'd say. So much, that she can't add anything to it. Maybe that's why people love posting inspirational crap on Twitter. You know, little nuggets of life wisdom that sounds more patronizing than inspiring - or maybe it's just me being cynical. Over the past few weeks I've seen one such tweet make the rounds of my timeline, and really, it makes a lot of sense. "Girls are like Barbie dolls," the thought goes. "You can play with them, you can dispose of them, but remember, real men don't play Barbie dolls."

Well, logically, it does make sense, but the punchline - that real men don't play with dolls - is painfully sexist, if not homophobic. But fine, surely the intentions behind it were good. The old git in me was irked to see that retweeted in three different days, by three (technically four) different girls, from three different sources. Goodbye, originality.

And then the old git in me decided that the issue is not attribution, but the idea itself. I've seen people tweet (retweet, actually) this many times before. Ladies, you deserve better. All the men out there are motherfuckers ready to use you and break your heart. Said differently in every instance, but the end thought is still the same: all of the men in the world will just break your heart, so, up yours!

Because we are the bad people, blah, blah, blah.

And you are much better than we are, blah, blah, blah.

I won't deny it. Men are capable of terrible things. I've seen men cheat on their girlfriends. I've seen men insult their girlfriends. I've not seen men abuse their girlfriends, although I'm more than sure it happens. It happens to wives, and girls who have not exactly said yes yet. We have broken your hearts. We get it.

But I've seen women cheat on their boyfriends. I've seen women insult their boyfriends. I've not seen women abuse their boyfriends - it's a fucking laughable idea, you'll say, I bet - but I'm quite sure it happens. It happens to husbands, and guys who have not exactly said yes yet. But since females are the more nurturing sex, and males are the more domineering sex, then logic states that we will hurt the weak people, the ones who cannot defend themselves, and have no choice but to submit.

"Are we always the bad ones? You can break our hearts and get away with it? Boo."

"True, but you guys just aren't so vocal about it," Janelle agreed.

Maybe I was being a complaining old git about the wrong things all along.

And your responses...

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