War of hearts and minds

As I write this, former president Gloria Arroyo is at the departure area at the NAIA, not allowed to board her flight to Singapore.

Justice secretary Leila de Lima has said that she will, pretty much, not implement the Supreme Court's temporary restraining order issued against a travel ban she has issued against Arroyo and her husband. They haven't received a copy of the TRO, she says, so she has no choice but to keep the ban.

Arroyo's lawyers have continually insisted that they're not just fighting for the Arroyos' right to move freely, but for every Filipino's right to move freely. And besides, they say, PGMA needs urgent medical attention. Her neck is getting worse. She needs to see specialists in Singapore. The best medical attention she can get, Mike Arroyo said.

The Bureau of Immigration have just said no. No, they cannot leave. They don't have a hard copy of the court order, thus they cannot do anything. Just following orders from the bosses.

The Arroyos' lawyers insist that the order is illegal, but they cannot do anything. Noynoy's administration is in the mood to piss people off, Raul Lambino suggests. Another, Ferdinand Topacio, just said Noynoy Aquino's government is useless because it has no compassion. That it is cruel because it has no compassion. Mike Arroyo, just now, screamed injustice. No conscience from the current administration. I think some even mentioned Noynoy's connections with the controversial Hacienda Luisita.

Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda has gone as far as saying that the Arroyos are gunning for public sympathy by staging "high drama" at the airport.

Arroyo arrived at the airport at roughly half past eight, swarmed by the media, and by security. She's not wearing her metal brace, but she has neck support and a surgical mask. Her guardians appealed to the crowd. "Maawa kayo sa kanya!" they said, as she tried to sit on her wheelchair.

As all that is going on, stranded passengers are angered by the fact that they cannot check in to their respective flights. These folks are supposed to have one side's support or the other. "Tanginang Gloria yan, tatakas-takas." "Tanginang Noynoy yan, ayaw pang paalisin."

This confrontation, this war for hearts and minds, will never end. Never favorably, for anyone. I'm watching this all unfold and all I'm thinking is that saying. Shit hits the fan.

And your responses...

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