Reasons for estrangement

Because we no longer see each other eye to eye. We used to like the same things, but somehow, we drifted apart. You started liking one thing and I started liking another. And somehow, we just ceased relating to each other, or something like it.

Because I have new friends now. Better friends. Friends who'll take me for who I am.

Because you hurt me. You did something really bad. You know what I mean. You smiled at me when I asked you whether you went for this or that, and then you took a dagger and stabbed me in the back. And then you smiled at me again, like nothing happened.

Because my friends said so. And I believe them. I believe them when they told me that you're a jerk who only wants to get into my pants.

Because my boyfriend said so. "I don't want you near that motherfucker," or something to that effect.

Because you humiliated me, in front of my 134 followers, by asking me to untag you in some image.

Because you don't want me around.

Because I don't want you around.

Because you don't fit my idea of a perfect friend. You're too noisy. You don't talk a lot about yourself, but you're too interested in me. I feel creeped out about that. Oh, and you're too touchy. I'm not sure if you're trying to rape me without any sexual contact, or you just like touching people inappropriately.

Because you remind me of someone. Someone who hurt me, hurt me really bad, a good five or ten years ago. And I, I'm not good with dealing with all this emotional baggage. People tell me to talk to a psychiatrist, but nobody wants a crazy guy.

Because I'm no longer friends with the person you want to be friends with.

Because I cannot risk us being friends for fifteen, maybe twenty years, only for either you or me to do something stupid. I'm not the luckiest person in the world. Whenever I'm happy, I'm bound to get sad. These things are not meant to last.

Because all I am to you is a potential client.

Because we were never friends in the first place. Why the hell would you think that we were friends in the first place? Dude, there's a difference between being nice and being nice for the sake of being nice. Stop being so persistent.

Because you fell in love with me.

Because I fell in love with you.

Because I'm just beyond pissed off at you. And you won't tell me why you're pissed off at me. Heck, I'm willing to change, but you just won't let me anymore. And you have the gall to complain that you don't have any friends? You deserve it. You fucking deserve it.

And your responses...

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