And then I picked up a pregnancy test...

"Sana magkita na tayo soon!" was Tonet's reply to my second wave of Christmas greetings - on Twitter, mostly for people who I don't have the numbers of, to say the least. For good measure, there was a heart at the end.

I thought, were we that close?

Okay, maybe we were. You know my definition of close on this one: the people I end up confiding in, for some reason. In her case, the peak of our closeness, so to speak, came in a blog entry she wrote almost four years ago, one that took off from an online conversation we had about certain people and certain feelings.

He's only nineteen, but he's very mature for his age. We usually talk about music, but tonight we talked about love.

I remember the first time we "met". I was in an Internet shop. To be exact, the now-gone Netopia branch at the then-drab University Mall. I was answering a question posted on some place I refuse to recall. What are your favorite bands? This was the time when I was discovering Camera Obscura. This was also the time when my PC started acting up, which meant me not being able to listen to my music on iTunes because the library file was in a hard drive whose life force was ebbing away. Rather than hear every track skip all over the place, I decided to listen through another app.

The app then decided to play XTC's Senses Working Overtime a lot. It's one of those songs that I have but never really paid attention to, mostly because my PC tends to play certain songs more than others. I must've heard it before, but I must've been too busy with school projects at the time - it was 2007, after all. But that night, I somehow ended up listening intently to this band I've never heard much of, and enjoying the one song I have of them.

So my answer to that question about favorite bands? Not sure what else I mentioned, but I did mention Camera Obscura, and Athlete, and the fact that I'm "getting into" XTC.

Tonet replied, pointing out that we have the same interests in music, more or less.

Why we ended up talking about love, or whatever that is, I can't really recall. Definitely, at one point, I decided I liked talking to her enough to add her up on YM. When the proverbial shit hit the proverbial fan over on the motherland, she more or less took my side. And kept quiet about it. And then we talked a bit more, whenever she has time, at the very least. She doesn't always have time. Running an indie label isn't the sort of thing you give a few hours to.

I actually don't remember why I had her phone number at one point - I definitely never had the chance to use it. And that phone number's definitely dead.

And then, that Christmas message. She hopes we'd meet soon. I hope so too, but I don't really have time to go to gigs. Back then, I had to go home to Cavite and sleep early. Right now, I'm still not a gig person, perhaps to Jeany's consternation. (I've always been more of a radio person, at least until it got mostly crap.)

But what do I do when I do meet her? Get drunk, while perhaps watching a band I haven't heard much of (radio being mostly crap nowadays) but probably will have an interest in, because I try to keep up appearances that much? Maybe. But I've never been drunk ever.

And your responses...

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