What's a diminumeneweh?

Here we go again.

This year, I was sending my Christmas text messages while in line at a grocery store. I didn't want to be a Christmas crammer, and we tried our best not to, but when it turned out that we forgot a few things it came to be to drive to the grocery, try to find a good parking slot (nowhere), and brave the aisles to buy the few items I have to buy, and then some. I am, after all, in the grocery, not them.

Before the phone lines get longer than the grocery I'm in, happy holidays! Applause for dropping by in 2011, and fingers crossed you'll hang on in 2012.

The last time I did this, there were 72 people on the receiving end, and only twelve of them replying before the cut-off. Today, I only sent it to 39 people. Just 39 people. I don't know why. I just felt like it. I guess it's how things go. People stay, people go, and people mess up.

That, or I don't have everybody's phone number.

As for the replies?

From the girl who I was close with despite only meeting once: Merry Christmas, Niko!

From the girl who told me a classmate was pregnant: Merry Christmas to you and our family, Niko!

From the girl who everybody thought was a soccer player: Have a blessed Christmas, Henrik! Sana bongga 2012 natin!

From the girl who eased my transition to a Community fan: Season's greetings, sabi ni Shirley. More laughter I can't type here. Merry Christmas!

From the girl whose voice you'll hear virtually everywhere: Thanks Niko! This was preceded by laughter. Was my message funny? Have a great Christmas as well!

From the girl who might've asked me to keep quiet by mistake: Hug! I really feel like a scrooge this Christmas but thank you for being there at random moments!

From the girl who eased my transition to a Community fan: Yes! She was talking about this year's Christmas episode. It's all over this blog entry. Or not.

From the girl who thought Hayley Williams was in Manila: Merry Christmas, Niko! Hope to see you soon. Now that you've mentioned it, we were supposed to meet up years ago. Enjoy and have a wonderful time with your femilyyy!

From the girl with three moles (sorry): Merry Christmas to you too, Niko Batallones! You'll forever be DLSU's infamous Shale.

From the girl who surprisingly replied with her local number despite being in Taiwan: Happy holidays Niko! Let's have a great 2012!

Finally, from the girl who introduced me to Golden Oreos: Happy holidays Niko!

Ten! Not complaining. It's a bigger percentage than last time. But I am hitting diminishing returns, yes? Because we're getting busy and drifting apart and all, yes? And because we're losing track of each other's phone numbers? And because texting is no longer a cool thing? And because I'm sending my text messages a day too early? Because surely later I'll get a bunch of them, and it's going to be too late, kinda.

Not that I'm complaining. Except, perhaps, when my uncle goes "puro tsiks na naman yan, Kuku!" again.

Well, then. Happy holidays to every one of you, whether I've yet to meet you, or I've already decided to disown you or whatever. Maybe next year things will be better for us. Or worse. It has to be balanced, after all.

And your responses...

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