The notebook (not that one)

I bought my first Glee CD in Singapore. I was there smack in the middle of the release date, and I assumed they will never reach our shores. I assumed, na├»vely, that the show will not become a big hit here, never mind the fact that I turned a few people on to the show (insert obligatory Icka Facebook tag).

Of course, things turned out differently. The show became a huge hit here, and thus, the CDs were sold in local record stores. (There's also the thing about me being an expert gleek of sorts, thanks to my work, but I will not go there. Yet.) And I did like the show. I really did. So, I kinda vowed to collect all of the show's soundtracks - they will be available here, after all, and they have pretty good songs.

Things have changed, of course. Glee went downhill from the second half of the first season, got really frustrating by the second season, and become more of an obligation than a joy by the third. (Then again, I still get excited about certain Glee-related things. Like, say, this.) But I still bought the CDs. Sometimes I bought the CDs by impulse. Only lately did I start stalling. They won't go out of stock, I told myself, correctly. Some of the CDs haven't been played, either. Impulse.

At some point, because some local record executives decided to go for a bigger audience, or something like that, the Glee CDs came with free notebooks. Now, I love notebooks - well, more of, I love writing on paper, since I don't tend to use these notebooks. The first was, I think, with the third soundtrack. The album came out three weeks behind schedule. We waited three weeks for a notebook? I ranted.

Karla saw that rant and decided she wanted that notebook. So, fine, I'll give it to her. Another excuse to meet a friend.

It took a while for us to meet. Our eventual meeting came months after: I ended up crashing a farewell dinner for Kat, who was then headed to Austria. Found out that Karla already had a copy of the notebook I was going to give her - from a friend of hers at nursing school, I think - but then again, she said, she needs all the notebooks she can get her hands on. School notes. Frugal people will take a freebie as long as it's useful. So, she got the notebook, and I got the conversation, although not the dinner, because I did not plan to spend on dinner. Frugal people, again.

When the next Glee CD I bought - I assume it's the fourth, but I'm not sure now - came with a notebook again,  I immediately told Karla. This time we had conflicting schedules: she can't head to Ortigas, I can't head to Quezon City, you get the drill. Then I left Ortigas and started working at home. She started medical duties, or her classes got busier, or something. I can't really remember. All I know is that the notebook is still with me, in the same bag I used when I still had an office to work in. It's still there.

When I attended the Tahanan premiere last week, I used that same bag again. I took out everything I don't need, Karla's notebook included. She was supposed to have it for human anatomy class, I think, but that was so last semester. Or two. I don't know if she still needs that notebook. (I'm not saying this in a teary-eyed fashion.)

As for my Glee CDs? I'm thinking of removing them from my main CD library.

And your responses...

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