The drunk guy

So how was my first week?

I wouldn't really answer that question. I've learned my lesson is my default response to that. Don't blog about work. It gets you in trouble. Even if I don't really have proof that it has.

I did do some waiting around. I went from north to south in one day, and found myself an indirect witness to an old woman's wrath. I received some intimidating emails and realized that, to some people, I am as important to them as they are important to me. And I don't mean that in a cheesy, life-changing way.

And then there's lunch. I mentioned that place behind our building last week. I've been eating there a fair bit lately, because I've been eating with colleagues lately. Breakthrough! Sort of. I've met these people before, after all. Anyway, I have a scheduled lunch break now - I cannot leave at one in the afternoon anymore like I used to. However, I leave at fifteen minutes before twelve, which is way too early for me.

So that's my schedule wrecked, then. Breakfast at half past five, lunch at fifteen before twelve, and dinner still at eight? No wonder I'm hungry. No wonder I find myself buying two viands at lunch. Sure, it's always one vegetable dish and one meat dish (I do eat my greens, thank you very much) but sometimes you feel like you should eat less. But I am eating healthily. No complaining.

And, as expected, I'm experiencing some new things, something I definitely never got when I was working at home the past year. So that's my "get better at blogging" hopes up, then.

I was in Valenzuela early last week. Still part of my orientation, making sense of what I really do. (And apparently it's a lot.) The trip was really tedious: we were in the city's narrow back roads, where residential units mingle with warehouses. And to make things worse, those roads are either not paved or being reconstructed, making the drive either a slow one or entirely non-existent.

One lane's closed, so the other lane's being used by both sides. You've been here, surely: cars going one direction have to wait while those going the other direction pass. We were on the latter group: we were the ones passing through. At least until some guy stopped us.

Fine, me and my colleague thought. It's the other side's turn.

Then some other guy came out. He was in some sort of traffic enforcer's uniform, and he was telling off the guy that stopped us. "Umalis ka diyan!" I assume he said. Turns out the man who stopped us was a local. A drunk local. I certainly didn't see him as drunk - he did look a little haphazard, though. A bit dirty, but in a construction worker kind of way. And besides, I've never been drunk.

We can still pass through. We laughed it off, passed through, and found that our next turn was blocked by the traffic from the waiting group of vehicles. I don't know how that story improves my blogging, but there it goes anyway.

And your responses...

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