Get busy

I'm writing this blog entry partly to draw your attention to this blog's new digs. Huh? Huh? Nice, huh? No? Oh, wait, if you're reading this on Facebook, then you're not seeing it at all, so click here if you must. And you must.

Misplaced cockiness aside, the new layout isn't really special. I'm no longer aiming to be a web design extraordinaire; those days are lumped together with my more impulsive high school days. I haven't done any HTML in a long time - not since print production class, yes, print production class - and to boot, I decided to give myself a crash course in CSS positioning. That should explain why I'm really giddy about this new layout. That, and the fact that this upgrade is long overdue.

Five years, in fact. The last layout - the one with the boxes and the big photos and the desaturated thumbnails for links - was naturally built to last, but it was getting cramped. (I designed it for 640x480 screens. See? I can never be a web designer.) I've been meaning to replace it for ages - it went as far as sketches written on the back of a Starbucks receipt years ago - but I only really got to do it over the weekend, in the middle of the two weeks between leaving my last job and joining my new one.

It is an achievement. I actually did something I've always been meaning to do, for a change! How many times have I told myself to do some big project, only to not do it because I've run out of time, because I've been busy with things I have to do urgently, or things that have distracted me?

And yet it feels I haven't done much. I've four days left before I start my new job - yes, I start on a Friday, and no, I can't do anything about it - and right now I'm thinking of all that I want to do before I get all caught up with being busy. Sure, I've been out and about these past few days, mostly to have my laptop fixed (again). I've done some shopping: two pairs of slacks and one new long-sleeved polo, to bolster my corporate sensibilities, an experience that has been oddly therapeutic - now I understand why they call it shopping therapy.

But I'm far from done with my shopping list. I'm bent on buying a new pair of shoes and more corporate-y outfits. (That doesn't sound so corporate-y. Neither did that one.) And I've told myself that I'll catch up with all the television I've been meaning to watch these past few months, but haven't because I had to watch a lot of television for work. And when I have lots of free time, perhaps after house chores, I decide to get lazy.

Four days left.

I'd be bent on thinking that I'm wasting my time, that I've wasted my time, and when I sit on my new desk (and a proper cubicle!) on Friday I'll feel a little out of my depth. Oh, I've lost my chance to have fun. So maybe I should start catching up with everything over the next four days. More shopping! More meet-ups! (I haven't done any, but I almost met up with Elaine.) Some television!

Or maybe I should just get lazy. Because I'll never get to do it in a while. In a long while. But what do I know? I'm just hoping to get some stuff done. Maybe hoping something does happen on Thursday, maybe. Actually, I'm just hoping you'd notice the new layout. It's still got orange. See?

And your responses...

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