A matter of impressions

Is there something about living in the so-called "south" that I do not understand?

I live in Cavite. Okay. Geographically it is south of Metro Manila, but socially it is "very far". I live 15 minutes away from Alabang, so I think I have good reason to consider myself as a resident of the so-called "south". We shop in Alabang, we watch movies in Alabang, we eat out in Alabang, never mind the fact that there's an SM mall virtually in front of our subdivision's main gate.

And sure, the so-called "south" also includes the huge chunk of land that is BF, and perhaps anything north of Dr. A. Santos Road. But whatever.

I've always posited that people who live in that part of Metro Manila always get what they want. There'd be some establishment somewhere in Makati, or Ortigas, or Quezon City, some establishment that would be a huge hit. The BF people would loudly wish for a branch near their place. The Alabang people would loudly wish for a branch near their place. You get the idea.

And it's happening. Because we can't be bothered, apparently, to travel a few minutes more just to get ourselves something from, say, Fully Booked, we wish for a branch to open near us. Well, I'm not complaining about this one. They are opening a branch at the Alabang Town Center. Not sure when it will open, but the signs are out there. "Coming soon." My book-buying heart is excited. "See?" I told my sister. "The south gets what it wants."

I remember this story from almost a year ago. I blogged about it, actually. Story was, I went to ATC after a trip from Glorietta, a dozen Krispy Kremes in tow. I went to my usual stops - a bookstore or two, the lame Odyssey branch that sells old, crappy music in its new releases shelf - and twice was I approached by strangers, asking the same question: where did you buy those Krispy Kremes?

In Glorietta, I'd answer.

The first guy was this old man. The second was a teenager, probably 16, who doesn't seem to know how to converse with strangers. He was with his younger brother, who noticed my dozen Krispy Kremes first - and got a wee bit too excited, he goaded his brother to ask me where I bought them. Wrong first impression. I wanted to kick him somewhere, but of course I'd get my butt kicked. I am not from the south, after all, apparently.

A Krispy Kreme branch did open in Alabang a few months later - but in Festival Supermall, which is a bit of a different world altogether. ATC is high-end; Festival isn't. Go shopping there and you'd probably squirm because of the different crowd... provided you've not been to an SM mall, provided you're pretending to be that posh.

Then again, that branch had long lines right after it opened. South people, they'd swallow their pride just for their doughnuts. You'd see someone who doesn't look very hip struggle with how to buy Krispy Kremes - the lady in front of me one night wasn't sure if she'd buy a dozen original glazed or a half-dozen - and you'd just squirm. I didn't. I thought it was uncomfortable, but I didn't. I'm sure they would, probably.

This Saturday, another Krispy Kreme branch will open - this time, at the Alabang Town Center. If you knew little and you were listening to the radio today, you'd think it's the first Krispy Kreme branch in the so-called "south". Finally! A branch where we live! Well, it is, if you decided that Festival isn't in Alabang. (Geopolitically, it is.) The south indeed gets what it wants. And what it wants is a place where they can look, you know, not out of place. Which means a rush of people for the first five weeks, and me, annoyed that the south people have taken over the world, more or less. Maybe I should move out?

And your responses...

HAHAHAHA! :)) South... Kamiss jan. Actually, yun naman kasi yung style (?) sa South. Accessible lahat meaning you don't have to drive far to get, well, doughnuts for example. And yes, ang South mostly ay Alabang/BF. Any place na lampas ng Town ay bundok na at any place na lampas ng Merville ay di na South. It sucks pero ganyan talaga.

Kaya ayos narin dito sa North. Walang complications. :D

And no, di ako lumaki sa maarteng part ng South. Dun ako lumaki sa part na maraming nagtatagalog at maraming nagjjeep. Dirty, dirty South ba.

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