Do better

It's the fifth day of a five-day weekend. Only I don't want to call it a weekend. It's five days long. It's a whole work week spent doing nothing!

And that's exactly what I did. Nothing.

Given, it's Holy Week. Everything pretty much shuts down on those days. Add to that the fact that today is another national holiday, and you have five days of trying to look for something substantial to do.

So why didn't I do anything substantial? I guess I just didn't have too much time to actually arrange anything. Or initiative.

I did catch up on some of my television. Finally got past the second episode of Smash. Ivy's sleeping with Derek! Well, duh. Also, that bitch assistant guy. Hey, everybody. I'm Ellis. Bitch, bitch, bitch. But I don't have access to every aired episode, and you can only fill so much time.

Game of Thrones? I started watching it last week. Finally. I've had the episodes for a year but never bothered to watch it because of time constraints. And yet now that I have the time (and no pressure whatsoever) I get lazy.

I spent a lot of time sleeping, and maybe blogging.

Oh, also, I watched Bridesmaids, but it was such a downer.

I know. Five days. I'm supposed to be reflecting. Or at least that's what my television is saying. Well, suggesting. It's suggesting it less now than before. Ten years ago we'd get old 1970s movies at night, and no programs at all in the morning. Now, we have romantic comedies and endless reruns of Tanging Yaman.

Eat Bulaga! no longer has dramas during the first three days of Holy Week.

And perhaps more importantly, no more 7th Heaven marathon on Studio 23.

Five days of doing nothing. I'm not surprised I'm seated here, trying to write something from out of nowhere, trying to make sense of five idle days before I return to work tomorrow. My body clock's all messed up from playing Civilization V (and sometimes losing it). I did house chores and listened to slow music (I do make an effort) and slept in the afternoons a lot. And deep inside I know I should be doing something else. And deeper inside I know I should give myself a break once in a while.

You see people try to sound like they're more accomplished by going on holidays in fancy locales and talk about why one thing is better than another, and you think to yourself, there's got to be more to this that knowing stuff.

Also, I'm pretty sure I'm just repeating myself, because I've had this "I need to do something" versus "I need to take a break" conflict for ages, alongside all those idle thoughts about certain things.

I could always do better. Maybe tomorrow.

And your responses...

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