Triple take

I thought I saw Sarah this afternoon.

(Why am I still calling her Sarah? I always call her Sars. Except in this blog, that is. Here, she's always been Sarah, and admittedly because it's a slightly sexy name.)

Anyway, I wasn't sure if it was Sarah I did see. I was at Megamall running some errands, when I saw someone wearing a flowy dress in an unusual color and I seriously thought it was her.

And then I wasn't sure. You know what you exactly do in that situation, right? You continue walking, confident that you're right, and then you stop. For a split-second you turn your head, and then you continue walking. And then you turn your head again. Continue walking. Turn your head. By now the person's already passed you by and you can no longer be sure if you're right. And you wouldn't dare call her name out for fear of looking stupid. "Sorry. I thought you were someone else." Seven words you'll never be comfortable saying.

But I swear it was Sarah. It definitely looked like her. Only the outfit just wasn't her. I understand if the person in question wore corporate, but it wasn't. It's a gown that's not a gown. I don't know. I turned my head thrice, in split seconds. How would I know?

(Again, why am I still calling her Sarah? I know it's because I know another Sars - hello, Sars - but I still call her Sars. Wait, that was confusing.)

This happened to me a few times, I'm sure. I remember this one time, same mall, same floor, same stretch of floor, when I saw someone. Same thing. Take, double take, triple take. I couldn't, however, call out her name, because we don't exactly know each other. I remember thinking, here? That was, I think, the last time I saw Jill; funnily we'd talk a few times later, obviously online, while she searches for the next restaurant to blog about.

I wonder if anybody's done that to me, though? I mean, have you seen me, thought it was me, wasn't sure if it was me, tried to make sure if it was me, and didn't succeed? Ah, you probably didn't succeed. You probably would've dared to call me, though, and chances are, I didn't hear you, because I had earphones plugged in.

You probably would've wondered anyway. Was it Niko? Then you'd forget. Me? Same, really, except for tonight, since I'm blogging about it. Was it Sarah I saw? Err, Sars? No, wait. Sarah?

And your responses...

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