The war against negativity

You want to know why I find you annoying, Niko?

Here's why I find you annoying.

Every time I see you, all you do is complain.

You complain about record stores and how they never stock your favorite artists. Stop being a hipster, bite your lip and give in to your thing for Selena Gomez. She may not be as pretty as Kimbra, but you have no choice.

You complain about the government. Can't you give them a chance, Niko? They do one thing and you're all over them, saying they're doing everything wrong without suggesting a better way to do things. You think you're such a genius, Niko.

You complain about your friends, or your lack of it.

Well, that's exactly why you don't have friends, Niko. You complain a lot.

You're such a downer, Niko. A big, fucking - sorry for the language - a big, fucking downer.

Can't you see the positive for a change, Niko? Can't you see the glass is half-full? It's not a gloomy rainy day outside if you're a flower pot who's getting water.

Everybody thinks you're annoying, Niko. Sure, you're helpful and thoughtful and you make people laugh, but you always pop up from out of nowhere with all these negative thoughts. People are always out to get you. Politicians just want to enrich themselves. That girl you were friends with before, she's such a bitch. Blah, blah, blah.

I don't care if you call them "hard truths" or whatever label you want to slap on it just so it looks more palatable. They're still negative thoughts. I don't care if you're being helpful or being frank or being "real", whatever that means. They clutter my atmosphere and they clutter my timeline and I have no room for your baggage.

But here's a hard truth, since you seem to love them, Niko. You noticed that people are just friendly to you? Just? You get along pretty well for the first few days or so, but then you make your separate ways and they do not remember to keep in touch. And when they do, it's not to invite you to some getaway they're planning with their real friends, where they can have fun and laugh at each other and forget about their worries for a while - that last thing, by the way, you seem to not be able to do.

It's not too late to have real friends, Niko, but you have to drop the act.

When you're feeling particularly bad about something, do not mention it at all.

When you have the urge to tell someone something that might - nay, will - will not go down well with him, no matter how important or necessary you think it is, do not mention it at all.

In fact, just don't speak up.

Nobody likes a man who plays the sensitive card. You're in touch with your feelings? I don't give a damn about your feelings. Let's just talk about that cute guy over there, who I like. Tell me that I can get that guy to sleep with me. I know, you're still a virgin, but who cares? He will sleep with me.

You know what we normal people want? We don't want someone who has very grim concerns. It's not our duty to help you with your burden. We didn't get you into that mess, and we certainly won't get involved with it now. It's yours and yours alone.

We want you to not talk about the girl who dumped you while you were still thinking about making your first move. We want you, Niko, to talk about how fun Zooey Deschanel is. We don't need critical analysis. It always ends in something grim, especially for you, Niko. We need nothing but hot people and inspirational tweets and conversations about how cool Game of Thrones is. Maybe then we'll consider you for that getaway I was talking about earlier.

But then again, you're stubborn, and you seem to hate us, so I shouldn't fucking - again, pardon the language - I shouldn't fucking bother.

Get lost, Niko. And don't try to add me up on Facebook again.

And your responses...

You know what? There's nothing wrong with speaking your mind. What's wrong is thinking (and expecting) people to have the same opinion as you. People respect the two cents you seem to have for everything. Believe it because if they don't, you probably don't have anyone following you on Twitter or reading your write ups online.

Society isn't asking you to stop having negative thoughts nor it is asking you to repress them. It is merely SUGGESTING for you to consider the positive things every situation gives you. Did it seem like people were avoiding you just because their trip to Bora came days later than yours? Did it ever occur to you when you were there that YOU WERE THERE? No? Well, no surprise there.

People are trying to help you. Some give up, some don't but it looks like you always choose to focus your attention to those who do and that is the reason why you don't have enough friends.

Anonymous Anonymous5/30/2012     

It is only fitting to complain. We only have little spaces in our brains and hearts and we can't take everything in; you have every right to get annoyed and say stuff about something, and we all know that people are bound to negate and well... complain too. If they think you're giving out negativity, aren't they doing the same by opposing to your thoughts?

Complaining have done quite a number of good in the world, too. So, I think, complaining about yourself, etc. is completely fine and shouldn't be stopped if you can't help it.

Blogger Rainy Martini6/05/2012     

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