Come, she'll join you, I'll take a photo of you two

She's tall and slender.

She's got long hair, perhaps reaching down her waist.

She's wearing a fair bit of make-up. I can't tell how much powder is on her face, but I can tell her eyelashes are impeccably fixed.

She's also wearing this dress, reaching only down to her thighs. I'd call it a miniskirt if not for the fact that it isn't a shirt. She's wearing a blue outfit. A mini dress. That's what it's called. A mini dress. Also, it's called a hemline. I'm right. I should've followed my gut on that one. She's wearing this blue dress with a high hemline. And a solitary silver bracelet on her right arm.

She's walking around a booth in this exhibit hall, a wide exhibit hall, with robotic arms and shiny pieces of metal all around. And lots of men in suits.

She's surrounded, however, by men not wearing suits. They're wearing collared shirts like me. Uniforms, I assume. There were lots of men around her. And women, too.

She's not facilitating the distribution of giveaways to the crowd. She's not getting business cards.

She's the giveaway.

She's probably not thinking too much about it. The plan is to have these people have photos with her. Look at the camera, look a bit poised, smile, repeat. She's done it before. She's done it at some red carpet party, hired to accompany guests who have arrived solo. One time she wore a black dress, also with a high hemline, and she was asked to stand beside this boy who arrived at a launch party solo. He said no, and she stepped away.

She's familiar to me. Or maybe it's my memory playing tricks. It was dark, it was barely lit, and I don't remember much of what happened that night.

She's earning three thousand bucks. There are two more days to go.

And your responses...

I'm gonna be frank... I don't get this post at all ;( WHO IS SHE OMG. Btw, I replied to your comment on my comment area ;3 I should've replied here but it was too late o.O

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