Holiday pick and mix

I realize that I'm exaggerating if I say that this is my first holiday off in a while. Sure, my last job meant that I was still doing some things on days when I'm not supposed to work - and, I must note, I worked on my own volition, because there really are days when our holidays fell on apparently big news days.

That said, this is my first holiday off in a while.

Okay, it's not my first holiday off in a while. I just remembered, I started my new job in the middle of March, and Holy Week fell on early April this year.

The conundrum remains the same, though. We look forward to these extra days off; we get to wake up later than usual, worry less about whatever's piling on our inbox, and do something that we've actually been meaning to do. In my case, it's cleaning my rubber shoes, transferring new songs to my mobile phone (that's another blog entry) and getting OC on my more than twelve thousand songs.

That last thing is quite a daunting task - obviously, since there are twelve thousand songs to work with. It wasn't obvious to me, though, until I started on it and got bored by the time I reached Adam Ant. I just got past my one Animotion track. I think this will take years.

Then again, I was taking a lot of breaks. I was catching up with some of my television shows (well... one episode of True Blood) and playing SimCity. And then it got boring again. By three in the afternoon, you start hoping that today isn't a holiday, that you're at work instead, doing something that you're probably bored with, but something that's admittedly substantial anyway. More substantial than getting OC on twelve thousand songs.

The big thought: are we never content? I had this conversation with a colleague last night. We ended up talking about college, and the fact that we both don't have much of a semestral break to talk about. (DLSU, of course, had three terms in a year. Mapua has four.) Oh, and the fact that we always looked forward to those breaks between terms, but once they did arrive, we looked forward to returning to school. Mostly because we eventually get bored, but partly because we wanted, maybe needed, the allowance.

So, tomorrow, I'm back to work. This holiday will be over, and I'll have something to do. I can't imagine how I managed to spend early evenings watching the news and realizing that they're either press releases for the administration or puff pieces about Manny Pacquiao. (Why did they not seem that way this time last year?) And then I'll wish that it was another holiday again. The cycle repeats itself.

It could be worse, of course. You could be Dinna, stuck at work with nothing to do... I wonder how her posters are?

And your responses...

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