I can be judgmental, too

Two call center agents rush into the elevator I was in.

Actually, they were waiting for the elevator first. I saw the woman alone first, having just pressed a button. I went to the restrooms. When I got back she already had a companion, and they haven't pressed any buttons.

They were too busy chatting, so when the elevator arrived and I got in, I decided not to wait for them. I went as far as closing the doors before they realized they were going to miss another elevator.

"I hate you two," I mumble, peeved that I missed another chance at having a whole elevator to myself.

She is small and fat, wearing a jacket and awkward eyeglasses. She reminds me of a girl I saw often in college, but was never classmates with. Or maybe she was my classmate. I saw her often, but I never knew her name.

"Tahimik sila, ano?" she tells her male colleague.

"Sino?" he answers back.

"Sila," she said. "'Yung dalawang girls na nandun kanina, saka 'yung ishang lalaki, 'yung guy na mukhang, ano, 'yung guy na mukhang bakla, na kasama 'yung ishang guy, 'yung ishang guy, 'yung guy na hindi ano, 'yung hindi mukhang bakla."

"Sinong lalaki?" he asks.

He is wearing a collared shirt and, as expected, a jacket. All the buttons on his shirt are open. I think he's gay.

"'Yung isha," she answered. "Basta, nandun shila sa pantry kanina, kumakain, ang tahimik nila, hindi shila nagsasalita, nagtitinginan lang shila."

He just looks at her. Stares at her, more of. I don't know what he's trying to say - yes, I was staring at him, and those open buttons are so distracting - but I think he's either agreeing with her, or imploring her.

"Oo nga, eh," he says.

Awkward silence follows. That's when I got out of the elevator.

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