Always waiting

"I felt so much of myself in that post. I am truly sorry that happened to you. I hate how the possibility of love can simply tear us apart."

"For a supposedly good thing, it gives us a lot of bad things. And no amount of optimism can spin that."

"Most, if not almost all, of my experiences have been unrequited. You'd think I'd be used to it by now. Expectant, even."

"Ditto. But the more unrequited experiences we get, the more we long for something. We've been here, what, twenty-plus years?"

"Yeah... here, back at square one. Or at least, that's how I feel."

"You know the feeling that time is running out on us? You see everyone around you fall in love and settle down and have kids. And then there's us, we who pine and pine and get nothing, because, I don't know, there's something undesirable about us. And we think we've got the formula right. Twenty-plus years later, far from it, I'm afraid. And time is running out."

"I definitely don't think we're undesirable, as much as our minds and negativity makes us think that. I think it's timing."

"It's funny how we take things for granted when we look for one thing. I guess we should stop and wait. Ugh. Waiting."

"I agree. Waiting sucks. It's all I've known. It's all I've done. I guess, it's all I know how to do. Doesn't make it easier."

"It's pretty much the most tedious thing any creature in this planet was born to do. Wait."

"Very well put. Man, oh man. I feel silly. Thinking this time, it is different. What do I know anymore?"

"And then tomorrow, it's different again. Fascinating... and annoying at the same time."

"Ohhhh yeah. But I've always been like this. Always waiting, hoping, searching for my partner. Who will share this life with me? Only God knows my path, my story, my future. It only makes sense to let Him do His thing."

"And if He says it's not for you, would you feel a bit frustrated?"

"I'm a complete person without a man in my life. I don't 'need' anyone to fix me. God is more than enough, and my family's amazing. That said it'd be 'nice'. I know that He wouldn't have put this deep passion inside of me if He wasn't going to fulfill it. And again, over the last month, I've 'seen' more into the future with hope than I have been able to recently. Been able to picture myself with a husband and kids, living a wonderful life, when all I was feeling was fear of being alone. And if that's all that comes out of this particular situation, then I'll still be happy. Because I have renewed hope."

"I wish I thought the same way. I guess I got too cynical."

"I completely see what you're saying. But I want you to know that there is always hope. We just have to open our eyes to it."

"But you do get tired waiting. It's right there, but I just want to rest. You know?"

"Oh, trust me, I know. Never been kissed, remember? It seems like I'm always waiting."

"It might as well disappoint us like it has all these years."

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