It's electric, baby

I write this on the tail-end of yet another long weekend - the last one for a couple of months, sure, but another long weekend, nonetheless. I didn't do much. I did get something done - I finally got started on that long-delayed Arrested Development marathon, it being a show I like but one I never really got to finish, but today I wrapped up the first season, which I've watched from end to end anyway - but for the most part I just stayed at home, did some chores, got lazy, and did nothing but watch the Bluths.

Today I woke up and noticed that my phone's battery got drained. I don't know how. I turned it off before I slept, something I usually do most nights, if not all nights. Is it unusual for me to turn off my phone when I sleep? I asked this question once, and only Jackie admitted that she does the same.

Are we the exceptions to the rule? I mean, almost every episode of The Newsroom involves someone waking up to an urgent text message in the middle of the night, Granted, they work in the news, and it's a 24/7 operation. But I remember Kira tweeting me and Dinna after one of those long silly conversations - but this was when she just woke up, and this was when her sleeping patterns were still a bit wild, which meant Dinna and I were fast asleep.

"I'm sorry," Kira, more apologetic than usual, said. "I didn't mean to wake up guys up!"

None of us woke up. In my case, this is down to the fact that I don't have a smartphone like everybody else. I tweet outside of a computer, but I'm still tethered to a wi-fi signal. And if I do get a smartphone (and a good data plan with it) I'll still be turning it off before I go to sleep, unless my parents are arriving late from somewhere. And leaving it on doesn't even guarantee I'll hear the sound that says "your friend from arid Dallas tweeted you some silly stuff again!"

I charged my phone a couple of hours after I woke up. It's a holiday. Nobody will be contacting me anyway. The thing is, I forgot to turn it on as I plugged it into the power outlet - and I forgot to turn it on as I unplugged it. I only realized I haven't turned it on a couple of hours ago - half past six in the evening, to be exact, as the news came on.

Eh. It's a holiday. Nobody will be contacting me anyway. Like most days, really. Nobody will be contacting me anyway.

Sometimes I wonder whether my phone - this four-year-old phone that I got from Singapore and whose battery still lasts for five, or maybe four, days - has gotten useless. Gone are the days when I'd stay up late at night, texting people - mostly crushes - and me waiting for that elusive swoon-worthy "goodnight!" Or, to be more practical about it, the days when I'd stay up late at night, texting people - mostly groupmates in schiil projects - and me waiting for that elusive, not swoon-worthy "I emailed it to you!" Now, it just sits there, getting spam messages and reminders from my parents.

Or maybe it's because people no longer text random stuff to each other. Nobody texts "how are you?" anymore. They all tweet it, or do it on Facebook, or maybe use one of those apps that send voice messages but, as it turns out, is useless to people like me who only have an Internet-enabled device rather than a smartphone. So maybe I do need a smartphone. And a good data plan. That, I plan to get later this year. But nobody will still be contacting me anyway.

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