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"Are you asleep?"

That was Rae. Or Aurora. I don't really know what to call her now. I still call her Rae. And for some reason we decided to talk beyond blog tagboards. So while we struggled with setting up iMessage for both of us, we were looking for alternatives.

"Added you on Yahoo! Messenger."

"I just woke up," I replied an hour later. It was almost six in the morning. "And man, I haven't used YM in ages!"

"Oh, dang it. Nevermind."

There's YM installed in my office computer, but I never opened it in the six months I've been here. In fact, I haven't logged in since... I don't know. Since last year, I think. I upgraded my computer and installed the application, but got annoyed at how the window would show up ever so often even if I told it to stay in the system tray. I was still watching television for a living then. One day I didn't log in, and that was that. I haven't even installed it in my laptop.

Today, I decided to log in. Admittedly I was inspired by a tweet from a radio DJ. Well, I was also curious too. I haven't logged in for over a year. What kind of offline messages did I get? Mostly event invitations and the like, I guess. Maybe someone was doing a message blast along the lines of "this is my new number, thanks!" Or maybe someone was messaging me insistently, thinking I'm invisible, or maybe hoping that I'll log in soon. "How are you?" "How are you?" Or maybe someone got infected by a virus and is telling ("telling") me about an incriminating photo ("incriminating photo") of me that she saw.

So I logged in, and... nothing.

I'll admit, I was a bit disappointed. Not necessarily because nobody bothered to send me a message - it's possible that all those offline messages fell down the cracks when my first log-in attempt went kaput. Or everybody moved on to other means of talking, something I don't begrudge, because I myself did it. But still. That, I thought, that would've been treasure trove.

I logged out as soon as I logged in.

And your responses...

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