The beginnings of a stalker

Her name... her name reminds me of someone I shouldn't be reminded of.

Let me look her up on Facebook.

Wait, I hit enter too soon. This is not the right person.

Okay. There she is.

I don't like this photo. It's so... fashion model-y.

She's in a relationship.

She's been in a relationship for quite a while now.

Hmm. She writes her status messages in lower case. Consistently.

And she writes "kasi" as "xe" in this one status.

Oh good heavens, she wrote "xe".

Show older stories. Okay.

She's making fun of La Salle.

Oh, fuck her.

She shares far too many of those "share-able" Facebook posts. Damn her legendary childhood. Damn that Ryan Gosling meme. Damn Will Smith and his sold out movies.

And she isn't that pretty, now that I've thought of it.

Granted, she does remind me of someone. Someone else, not that other someone.

Or maybe it's that other someone, I don't know.

I hope I don't see her again. I can't afford all these thoughts anymore.

And your responses...

She makes fun of La Salle? Ditch the bitch!

Anonymous Fear the Bear9/13/2012     

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