The first two hours are always documented

Yes. I'll be ahead of you. Yes. I'm overthinking this.

After all, it is just about that warm, fuzzy feeling - that thing you've been told to avoid relying on because it doesn't really get you anywhere. But once you stop relying on it, and things get much worse than originally planned, you end up relying on it again. Even more, perhaps.

And then that warm, fuzzy feeling gets reciprocated.

I'm not talking about that kind of reciprocation. Okay, maybe "reciprocated" is not the right term. You know those moments when, after spending far too long looking at someone from afar, that someone suddenly says hi? She doesn't ask for your name - she can't be bothered asking for your name - but she says hi, and there you are, wearing a virtual fur coat.

She acknowledges you. There. She acknowledges you.

And since you're helplessly reliant on that warm, fuzzy feeling, you try your hardest to get acknowledged again. And somehow you get lucky. She drops a book, you pick it up for her, she thanks you, you drop dead. She finds herself in the same queue as you, you exchange small talk, she returns the gesture, you drop dead. She knows you now. She knows you now, and that is the most important thing ever. Who cares about the virtual animal rights activists going for you and your virtual fur coats?

But somewhere along the way you try too hard. Or you decide not to try too hard, maybe hold yourself back for a moment or something. End result is the same, though. When you do try again, you get nothing, and you start thinking of all these things. Maybe she hates you now. Maybe she's avoiding you now. What did you do wrong? Were you too creepy? Too outright? Too boring? Too trying-hard? (Wrong grammar.) Can you do it again? Should you do it again? Will your dreams of a photograph with her - possibly after a series of highly-budgeted "coincidences" - ever come true?

Well, you do want that photograph, and you've been lonely for far too long, so somehow, you try again.

And your responses...

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