For longer than the last days of Aron Ralston's arm

Don't look too excited when waiting for your chance to board your plane.

Choose a better drink on the plane. And make sure you enjoy Moonrise Kingdom.

Find a way to cross the highway from your hotel to VivoCity without resorting to the HarbourFront MRT station.

Buy deodorant.

Learn to tie a necktie. Well, you've learned this already after one night, but you still need practice.

Don't hog the hotel hangers. You're not alone in your room.

Don't drink too much when you're out with drinks with Yoa. You still need to go home after.

Make sure Yoa doesn't drink much too. Things will happen to your nose.

Don't make another joke connecting Yoa with your nose.

Keep Mika in the dark.

Keep quiet at all times.

Go to Ikea at Tampines and, finally, try the Swedish meatballs out.

Do some shopping at Prologue Singapore, partly because Immie wants you to. Gently. Quietly. There must be a bunch of good records there, too.

Speaking of records, try to pick up stuff from Ren Harvieu and Jessie Ware and First Aid Kit. And maybe, in the off chance it's actually there, either of Cœur de Pirate's albums.

Don't buy a lot of newspapers.

Give Mae her personal space. The rules in Manila and the rules in Singapore don't differ at all.

Buy a bottle of Horlicks.

Make sure you take a bunch of good photographs. The blogs need good photographs.

Act as if you've never ever been to Night Safari.

Learn to eat crabs from its shell. What's the point of eating chili crabs otherwise?

Hope your long-believed allergy to crabs doesn't hold true. Same goes with alcohol. You're starting to believe you're probably allergic to alcohol, remember that.

Exchange Homeland theories with Dinna. If there is time.

Try to find that umbrella you lost somewhere at the National Library when Malia toured you there two years ago or so. Although yes, it definitely won't be there.

Don't lose another umbrella.

Go to a hawker stall.

When you see an American Idol contestant, do not freak out like you did with Martin Nievera.

Find a way to write a blog entry about Chesca, because she's selfish, and because you have 171 hours to do so.

And your responses...

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