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I've been watching Nashville for the past month now. The budding TV critic in me - I've done just that for work for three years, so do I still call myself "budding"? - is now inextricably tied up with the rest of me, so when you have a bunch of people claiming that the pilot episode of this drama revolving around, well, Nashville is the best drama pilot of the season, I will have to watch it.

So far, it's been fine. I love Connie Britton on Friday Night Lights. I like the way this show hasn't made a deal about the songs - the last thing this show needs is to be marketed as a country Glee, the same way Smash was marketed as a Broadway Glee. (I know "Broadway Glee" is a bit redundant.) I like the way this gets on the business side of the record industry, which is really the same reason why I liked Smash initially, until I had enough of the singing and I forgot to watch the next new episode one week. And no, contrary to what Immie thought, I'm not watching this for Hayden Panetierre - although I'm interested in how she portrays this weird cross between Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Swift.

But my favorite part so far has been watching this one plot point about Scarlett, a waitress who ends up becoming a songwriter after an odd twist of fate. Clare Bowen's voice is lovely. I know, that sentence should be on my other blog, but I'll say it again anyway: Clare Bowen's voice is lovely. The moment the "big song number" on the pilot episode came on, I was sold. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll watch it again.

Still there? Yeah, that is haunting, all right.

Inevitably I'm not the only one watching this show. Inevitably the other people I know who are watching this are from the Cookie circle. I just juggled a couple of conversations with Immie and Dinna about the show.

"I want to smack his head," Dinna tells me.

She's referring to Avery, Scarlett's boyfriend who's in this rockabilly band of sorts, who just couldn't get that big break and is feeling insecure about his girlfriend getting a songwriting deal with some guy who may or may not have feelings for her.

"I would, but I have a crush on this Hailey girl, so..."

This Hailey girl was someone that "some guy" - his name's Gunnar, and I just realized that he's the guy in the rockabilly band of sorts, which makes Avery... more useless, really - met at the songwriting thing he and Scarlett ended up in. She is pretty. She is obviously there as a wedge, but she is pretty. I do not know what the actress' name is.

"Why do guys always do that, though? Hailey is cool but the situation is also... convenient. Just like Deacon with Juliette."

Deacon is this guy. Juliette is this girl.

"Yeah, it is so convenient. But I'm crushing on her, so why bother?"

I still don't know her name.

"Guys? We're naturally insecure. 'Nuff said."

"Really? I thought we girls were."

Then I talk to Immie. Second conversation.

"Have you been watching? I love this show!"

"I have! It's Connie Britton's fault. Will see if I'll really stick with it, or forget about it like I did with Smash."

I'll essentially repeat what I just said in the first paragraphs of this post, so forgive me.

"I would've thought Hayden Panettiere is enough reason for you to watch."

"I never really had a long-term thing for Hayden, so that was out of the question."

"I really like the other girl's voice."

"Scarlett, yessss."

And after writing those words, I went on an IMDb lark on Clare Bowen. She did theater. Spring Awakening, apparently. (What's the one thing in common between her and Lea Michele?) I rewatched a bunch of her videos on Nashville. Hated the way she semi-choked during that recording session. Found out I'm just five months older than her. Felt insecure. Stared at her photo. Stared at her eyes in that photo.

You know that moment when, all of a sudden, something you never really thought much of clicks, from out of nowhere, and suddenly you find yourself with a heightened degree of fondness for something, to put it lightly? That's why I'm writing this blog entry. And the fact that she's Australian has nothing to do with it.

Well, maybe until I find out who plays Hailey.

And your responses...

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