And suddenly, everything is brighter

May you be stuffed with love, get drunk with comfort and unwrap good things tonight and in the new year. Happy holidays!

I have to admit, this year has been good. (So good. But that's one touch short of exaggeration.) I guess that's why the number of recipients spiked up from last year. Either I was in a good mood - I overslept! I woke up at half past seven! I didn't get to walk outside - or there was just more reason for me to celebrate. 56 people got my text message. To be fair, I did meet more people, reconnect with a few more, get out more, said yes (within reason) more, and I don't know. It's just been a good year. I can't believe I sound so cheesy.

I guess that explains why my annual Christmas eve text message sounds so... general, so reasonable, so safe. Anyway, to the replies, which, for the past six years, I've been tabulating for, frankly, no reason at all now. Apart from it being a tradition of sorts. A dreaded one.

From Jean Bautista: Aw, thank you! Have a merry Christmas.

From Immie... I don't really know her real name: Thanks and merry Christmas to you too, Niko!

From Mika Ayson: I'll be stuffed with food! Don't ruin my metaphor! Happy holidays, Niko!

From Carlo Cruz: Thank you, Niko. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your loved ones.

From Drea Dizon: Merry Christmas Niko! And a smiley face. So far, so sedate.

From Jill Cruz: Hi Niko, thanks! Happy holidays to you, too.

From Jill Cruz, again: Save my new number pala. I won't tell you that phone number, no.

From Jill Cruz, yet again, after I asked her if she's ditching her current number: Soon. Naka-unlitext pa 'ko dito eh. Thanks Niko!

From Hazel Elizes: Merry Christmas din, Niko! Smiley. And good morning! Smiley.

From Icka Alcantara: Will settle for awesome presents. Not too keen on the other stuff. Reading that made me miss Icka more. I mean, I've been to Makati so many times in the past month and I haven't told her anything. Happy holidays, Niko!

From Meg Lee: I've done that last night. Laughter. Then I need to do it again. Laughter again. Merry Christmas, Nico. And someone finally misspells my name...

From Ariane Astorga: Happy holidays Niko! God bless you and your family. Smiley.

From Y2K Villanueva: Hey Niko! Merry merry Christmas!

Eleven after the cut-off. Just eleven after the cut-off.

Am I disappointed? I think I am. But I am not bothered. Six years and people have now learned to avoid this. Well, not really. There are cheaper, even more impersonal ways to greet everyone. But it's not a quibble at all. It's been a good year. A new environment, new friends, new experiences, new insights... I'm actually not forcing myself to be optimistic, because there are suddenly many reasons to be so.

Personally, I'm just thankful this is the case. This time in previous years I'd probably be a bit glum but force myself to look up. Now, yes, cheesily, I am looking up. No effort. So yeah, I guess I couldn't care less about the numbers. All that matters is that they were there, some more than others.

I hope I don't get disappointed sooner or later, though. Very disappointed.

To the rest of you, may you be stuffed with love, get drunk with comfort and unwrap good things tonight and in the new year.

And your responses...

I'm glad you enjoyed the year and your Christmas as well!

I did have a few accomplishments in 2012, but I'm ready for this year to be over already. I'm really looking forward to 2013! =)

I hope you have a safe New Year!

Anonymous Carrie12/27/2012     

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