The old man and the baby

Today is the day when everybody else says either one of two things: what happened to them in the year that's winding down, and what they hope to get in the year that's coming up.

Let me make that sound weirder than it already is. Remember the oft-used visual metaphors whenever the new year rolls in? 2012, in this case, is represented by an old man, preferably with a cane, a balding head, a hermit-like beard and liver spots on his face. Imagine telling this guy all of the things that's happened to you. "This year I got a new job and I met new people and I had new experiences and I got something I never, never, never thought I'd get!" And all he wants is to go to rest and get on with everything.

2013, on the other hand, is represented by a baby. You know how babies look. Cute and all diapered up. In this case, a cloth diaper with a (huge) safety pin locking it in. "Please be good to me!" you tell the baby. The kid doesn't understand you. "Please be good to me!" Cute, puzzled face. "Please be good to meeeee!"

I might've done that before, but not this year. For one, I've written my yearend entries already - here, here, here. Also, with the new year comes my birthday. Nine days from now, I turn 24. And that is a bigger deal for me.

The world didn't end, so I get to try Indian food. Yay for spicy but not necessarily hot Indian food! Anybody knows a good place that we should try out? Preferably one in the south because, well, I live there and I'm clueless most of the time.

I also got myself a birthday gift. Not a bookshelf like I originally planned, but then again, I am impulsive like that. A ticket to Dia Frampton's sudden gig here in Manila. I'll go home late on a Saturday carrying a camera and possibly a little tipsy, but then again, I've told myself I won't drink a lot of beer. I need to write a review.

Also, I should spend less money, because I will spend more money this year. Not that it's a big deal, but I tend to buy stuff out of impulse, and who wants that, really?

I'm here in front of my computer, without any idea what to write. I did have an idea, though, but I don't feel like writing it yet. I have another idea, but I won't write that either, because the timing just isn't right yet. (Hello, stalkers. I know you're out there.) So, yes, another last day of the year, and I'm aimless. Like that old man, really, his eyesight failing (oddly, because we have so much hindsight at this point), or maybe just sleepy and tired, trying to just go to sleep. Or that baby, his eyes not really working yet, hitting walls and crying and looking for his mom.

That was a wonky metaphor to round up this excuse for a yearender. I mean, I could write a decent one, but right now I'm just... I don't know. I don't feel like looking back anymore.

And your responses...

Happy New Year, Niko!

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