In a dreamy fog

So. Today's horoscope, then.

Your creative, romantic imagination is aroused today.

Well, today wasn't exactly romantic. Creative? I did work on a shirt design today, but that was a bit half-arsed. Not that I didn't give it my all, but I didn't really think about it. It's supposed to be simple and straightforward. And besides, I never did anything very elaborate.

Enjoy art, music, poetry, or the creative efforts of others.

Do multiple permutations of "thank you" count as poetry? I got my first birthday greeting at midnight flat. It's from Kat, by the way. Five and a half hours later I have around seven. I don't count anymore. I would get a lot more of them as the hours went by, as people sneakily began checking Facebook while at work. And I'd say "thank you" so many times. No rhythm, no rhyme - but I do try - and it sounds a bit robotic in the end. As poetry, it won't work... or maybe it will. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks! You get the idea.

I'm actually glad some people still send their greetings through text. I mean, sure, I don't always do it, but if I know your number and I'm pretty sure you still have that number, I will text you. Jayvee stumbled upon this fact this morning, but only because he's too lazy to tweet.

I particularly liked Mon's greeting, partly because it says a lot, really, about why I'd rather text. And mostly because it's sweet. Yes, Mon, filled with food. Japanese food. And sake. And love.

Creative efforts of others? Maybe Rainy's new blog header, which I like, but probably because it shares the same aesthetic as mine. (These things happen, Nicksy. These things will happen more often.) But she's feeling lazy and she stopped coding and her Internet is slow, so I've been told, and now her layout is still, well, old.

You're also in a dreamy fog, and that's okay.

Oh, yes, it's definitely okay.

But yeah, I probably acted a little loopily while driving home this afternoon. And yeah, this has happened before - that link is only a quarter of the story - but this is different, way different. And it's definitely okay. Horoscope for those born today, then.

Family is important to you, and your ambitions (which are considerable) are for your family as well as yourself.

Well, I never really thought of how big my ambitions are, unless you mention my now dead dreams of working on radio. Family? Yeah, I never went through the rebellious stage. Never really thought of my ambitions for them, though, unless it's in my subconscious.

To be fair, my ambitions at the moment merely revolve around getting a bookshelf and making this thing, this thing, last for a year.

You are focused, hard-driving and strong-willed. You take your responsibilities seriously. Many of you are workaholics who are committed to your tasks.

I am feeling particularly lazy today. But yeah, I've written at length about how I am a bit of a workaholic. What did I do today in the office? I finished a presentation and I designed a shirt and I did some paperwork, to put it loosely. And I bought some chips. And had lunch. Tortang talong. A bad eggplant, I think. But I guess it's because it's still the lazy part of the year. The heavy stuff happens a few months from now. Or when I finally send that email.

I take my responsibilities seriously. Of course. That's why they're responsibilities.

In the year ahead, you will learn something precious that will help you for the rest of your life.

So helpful. That, and the fact that I share a birthday with Kate Middleton.

And your responses...

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