Your patience is appreciated

As if to insult me, it took me a longer time to get out of the building for lunch today.

Now, this happens relatively commonly. An elevator would open, only to reveal that it's packed - a sad state of affairs for both those waiting outside, and those being transported inside. (I certainly had those thoughts a few times before. If the elevator knows it's crowded - and our building has those elevators that talk to you, like, "sorry, the elevator is crowded, your patience is appreciated" - then how come do you still open the doors for people who won't have a chance to get in anyway?) Sometimes we'd resort to taking an elevator up just so we're guaranteed a good spot when we go down. Cumbersome, and it can take forever, which is not helpful if you're really hungry.

Today, however, was different. As always, an elevator opened. As always, it's a full elevator - well, not that full, because my colleague and I figured there's enough space for two more. We stepped in, and the elevator talked.

"Elevator overload," it said, sounding less chirpier, perhaps more robotic, than before. "Please step off the elevator."

For some reason, I stepped off the elevator, and told my colleague to wait for me at the nearby canteen.

Yes, I am fat. Also, meh to you. I've seen this happen before, when two of my female colleagues tried to get into the elevator, only to get that "elevator overload" warning. Funny thing was, they are slim and fit. But yeah, that didn't stop us from teasing them, especially since one of them eats a lot. And I mean a lot. Some people, they just have the metabolism. Or at least some of it.

I waited for another elevator when I found myself joined by two more of my colleagues. I told them of my story, and kept hope that I could get down soonest. I only had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and didn't eat anything since. I wanted to eat.

Another elevator opened. It's not so full, perhaps less full than the first one, so we all tried to get in.

"Elevator overload. Please step off the elevator."

I, stupidly, went out.

"Sorry!" a female colleague told me, as the elevator went shut.

I had two thoughts. One, I was waiting for an elevator longer than my other colleagues, so why did I step out? Why wasn't I given the courtesy of taking the elevator first? Okay, that makes me sound petty, and I'll admit that I stepped out of the elevator for courtesy's sake - apparently I still have that - but still, you can't help but think that, especially if you put into account my second thought: it's different if you're in the situation, as opposed to someone else.

But, yeah, I still got my elevator, got to have lunch, and even ended up running in the rain just to get back to the office. No biggie. There are bigger things to worry about.

And your responses...

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