An open letter to Haley Reinhart

Hey there, Haley.

Umm, this is going to be awkward, I think. Umm, I should introduce myself first, right?

I'm Niko. I don't think you'll remember me. Of course, you don't. But we've met before. When you went to the Philippines with your fellow American Idol finalists, remember? You went to this autograph signing session, with Casey and Scotty and Jacob.

Now, before the actual autograph proper you had three fans ask you questions. I was one of those guys who asked a question. I was the third guy, the last guy, to ask a question. I wanted to ask you a question directly but I thought I'd ask everyone a question, and only Casey answered, and I'll admit I was a bit disappointed.

I can't claim to be your biggest fan, since I'm not really the sort of guy who follows everything. I mean, I do have other things to do, of course, which is why I only got to the meet and greet, and not to the concert. (Wink.) But I can say I bought "Free" thrice: first, when the single was released on iTunes; second, when your album was released on iTunes; third, when your album was, after months of waiting, released in record stores here in Manila. That, and the many times I defended you in my past job.

Yeah, this is going to be awkward. Yeah.

Anyway, I don't really write these letters a lot. I know this won't reach you - it never reached anybody - what with many other people looking to do the same thing to the people they like. And I know this is a bit of a long shot, since you're not in a publicity swing at the moment or something. But then again, you're headed to Jakarta this weekend, and my friend over there is asking if I want to go, and I want to go so bad, but planning a weekend trip out of the country in less than five days is, you know, hard, maybe impossible.

What I'm trying to say is, weirder things have happened. Well, aside from me going to Jakarta.

So. Haley. What I'm trying to say is this: could you please come back to the Philippines? I mean, even just for one small concert? Even a free mall show would be fine. At the risk of sounding like a creep, I want to see you live.

I'll admit, part of my reasons are shallow. Back to that meet and greet two years ago - they didn't allow photographs, they only allowed our posters and our CDs (this would be your Idol EP) signed, and when it was my turn the lady behind you stopped me from having my CD signed. Which was perfectly allowed, mind you. So I have two Haley CDs that are crying out for a sign. And I also want a photo with you. Yeah, I know, shallow.

But really, I want to see you perform live. I want to see you sing the songs you did so well on the Idol stage. And the songs on Listen Up! And maybe the songs you've been working on for that supposed new EP. I want to see you do your magic on a stage all your own.

And I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to watch you live. I have at least one... two... umm... at least four friends who'd want to see you. Maybe five. And the number of Haley fans in the Philippines, I'm pretty sure it's not a small one. I don't know why they're quiet (or are they?) but I'm sure they're thinking the same thing I'm thinking now.

Also, I think you'll enjoy the Philippines. Or at least Manila, because you probably won't have time to go around. I swear, we're fun people.

Anyway. Yeah. This is a long shot. It might be hard to convince you, I don't know. But I'm crossing my fingers this little letter gets to you, and you'd give it some thought, and someday me and my friends and all of us here would see you live. And maybe we'd get a meet and greet after too. Or something. Please please pleeease.

And your responses...

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