For your consideration

Scenario one: you walk to the elevator lobby, press the up button, and one immediately opens in front of you. You scurry through the door and hit the close button. More of, you hold the close button so the door just shuts and nobody else can get in. You get an elevator all to yourself. Good times.

Scenario two: you walk to the elevator lobby and notice that an elevator door is closing down. You start running towards that door, knowing very well that it's closing, and you will most likely not have a chance to get in. You get your hands on the up button but the door's shut, and there's no chance you could open it again. Well, you could throw your hand in between the door, but that's kinda stupid, isn't it?

So you press the up button, and the indicator lights up, and you see that the next elevator will come from the 27th floor, the highest point in the building. And then you start cussing. "Motherfucker!" you whisper to yourself. "Motherfucker! Motherfucker!"

And then you realize that there's someone else waiting for the elevator, and she doesn't look as harried as you, and she's possibly heard you get silently angry. And then you become the irrational one.

This is the point in the blog entry when I am supposed to say something along the lines of it's not fun when it happens to you, so please be considerate. I'm not really sure how to phrase it. Please be considerate. That does sound about right. If you sense, at the very least, someone running towards the elevator, do not close the doors. Let the guy in. You can hope he doesn't go to a floor before yours, because it will delay your trip and possibly cost you your job, but it's safe that you don't. You know, positive juju and all.

But who said I am supposed to do that? Fuck it. I'm the one blogging here.

And your responses...

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