What should I do to get more likes on Facebook?

I know, I know, I ranted about this before, those people whose existence seem to depend on how many likes they get on Facebook. And by ranting about it, I pretty much said no, I won't let my existence depend on how many likes I get on Facebook.

But now it's dawning upon me. In my world, my friends get 80-something likes for posting the most mundane things. A photo of them - what I'll still call a "selca" because my girlfriend calls it that even if "selfie" is the acceptably cute term nowadays - or a photo of some item on their handbags, or their desks, or something really more mundane, like the handle of a fridge's door, or a shard of glass.

In that same world, I post something pretty important - at least to me, it is, but it's the sort that should usually get people to go "wow, I'm happy for you!" or, at least, give them a fuzzy feeling - and I get... nothing. Yes, my existence does not depend on how many likes I get on Facebook. I have to reiterate that.

But still, it's annoying.

Granted, I am not the sort of Facebook user who's always happy outside. I know how, in this world where people keep on hating and bashing and whatnot, we try to make this bubble of happy thoughts - which explains, probably, why cats are popular. I wouldn't call myself a provocateur, but I guess you can call me that. The things you learn in your past lives - you get reactions by having something to say. Not necessarily something controversial, but people will see you say this, and if they agree they will let you know, and if they don't, they'll probably do the same.

Granted, I'm being a provocateur by being political, by complaining about the stuff I usually complain about - president is awesome president this, president is awesome lover that - and since that's a ferocious arena of frustration and hopeless, that gets glossed over immediately. Oooh, cats! Oooh, another cat! Cat took the selfie himself? Ooooooooooh!

They do say that's a problem of those guys whose paycheck depends on making sure they get noticed on Facebook. You have to fight through so many of these things to be seen. So you teach a cat to operate a video camera, and apply make-up on himself, and meow in a non-whiny British accent, all at the same time, so you can upload it on YouTube. That would be so cute, right? But I digress, I digress massively.

Again, I have to reiterate, my existence does not depend on how many likes I get on Facebook. But what am I doing wrong? What makes my posts different from everybody else's? Why are my important posts (at least to me - this might be the point I'm missing) getting less attention than the most mundane posts (again, at least to me) from everybody else? Is it because I don't look happy? I don't look up for it? I don't look like a guy who just appreciates things? Because, hey, it takes a lot for me to be happy. You can't just throw happiness around, else it will disappoint you, like paying P700 for a taxi on a half-date with, apparently, someone who just wants to stand you up. No scrutiny, more disappointment.

There's also the fact that I can't get myself to post these mundane things. I'm not a guy who posts photos for attention, after all. Although that might be a future blog entry.

That said, there are days when I need to validate myself with your one-click approvals. Today is one of those days. And knowing that I'll never get that because, I don't know, you don't see me as someone at par with your closest friends, well...

And your responses...

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