Good first impressions

My sister and I passed by the TGI Fridays branch at Alabang Town Center yesterday.

There's a girl with her back turned to the window. She was at the bar. All I know is, she has long hair, and is wearing a dress with a lacey element on top.

On the stool next to her is a guy. He's wearing a polo. He looks nice. He looks animated, perhaps because he's the one talking at that particular moment.

So, to paint the scene better, this long-haired girl is listening to this polo-wearing guy. This girl whose face I can't see, listening to this guy who looks like the second youngest son of a business executive working in some accounting firm in Makati. Two possibly rich people, or maybe not-so-rich-but-still-rich, having a drink, at seven in the evening, in a place not exactly known for its cocktails.

"First date," I told my sister.

"Yeah," she answered. "They aren't yet very close to each other."

"Also, the guy looks like he's trying hard to sell himself," I answered back. "He's all, like, 'I'm a good guy! I am stable! I am loyal! I... I fit your 25-point criteria!'"

"Yeah," she answered, probably trying to remember that 25-point criteria thing I heard on the radio a couple of weeks back.

And then I realized that, in this context, Rainy and I haven't exactly had a first date.

And your responses...

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