Some questions we ought to ask

What are the implications of the government asking Filipinos to apprehend Janet Lim-Napoles under the principles of citizens' arrest?

Can common citizens be well-equipped to arrest Napoles in this case?

Can Napoles be assured that common citizens will not try to put the law in their hands if they arrest her?

Can the government guarantee a fair trial for Napoles and her fellow accused if she is arrested?

Can the government guarantee protection for Benhur Luy and other whistleblowers in the pork barrel scam?

Why is Napoles camera shy?

Without an official probe from both branches of the legislature, how can we find out why pork barrel funds were allocated to someone who isn't even elected to the House of Representatives?

If the report released by the Commission on Audit only covers pork barrel released from 2007 to 2009, and there is an increase in these funds from 2010 onwards, to whom could those funds have gone to?

Why was there a significant increase in pork barrel allocations from 2010 onwards?

Why was there a significant increase in pork barrel allocations this year, despite the issues surrounding it?

Will there be an investigation into the assets of those who supposedly took in huge amounts of pork barrel, similar to the probe that resulted in the impeachment of former Supreme Court chief justice Renato Corona?

What would the reaction be if these revelations were made under the previous administration?

What would the reaction be if these revelations were made under a different administration than the current one?

How, if possible, can the current administration benefit politically from these revelations?

Are questions such as "what would have Jesse Robredo done with his pork barrel?" relevant?

What is the executive's role in making sure the revelations about the misuse of pork barrel will ultimately benefit the country?

Why does the president have his own "pork barrel" that's shielded from audits?

If Napoles is found guilty of profiting from pork barrel, what can be legally done to her existing assets?

If these assets are to be returned to the government, can they guarantee that they will go directly to parts of the national budget that are open to audit, rather than to political pockets?

If the pork barrel is scrapped, how can legislators, especially local ones, fund projects for their constituents?

If the pork barrel isn't scrapped, how can its users be more accountable to the public?

Can pork barrel be morally acceptable, and if so, to what extent?

And your responses...

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