Game three

Thirty-three past three. I know what I said in the last blog entry, but I just had to watch this game. La Salle! UST! The latter not winning! Wishful thinking. But yeah, I just had to watch this game. Obviously, from home. Now, this is ABS-CBN, so can the courtside reporters please stop speaking in slang-ified English?

Thirty-five past three. I only know half of our players. I have no idea of how they play. And is it in the crowd's interest to introduce the Tengs last in both teams? Will one of them die after tonight?

8:30 in the first quarter. They're all just answering each other with shots. One team will run out of steam at the end of the quarter. (Sorry. Do not trust me with analyses.)

7:17 in the first quarter. It had to be La Salle. Also, do I applaud the UST reporter for trying to speak in Filipino, despite sounding very uncomfortable about it? I'm pretty sure she'll be in the Magic in the future because she speaks slang-ified English. and even worse Filipino.

5:57 in the first quarter. Time out called. The parents are wondering if my brother made it to the (packed) MOA Arena on time. I'll just be snarky with the television ads. The Lucky Me! ad is cheesy. Hey, that's... a valid assessment, Niko.

5:36 in the first quarter. I know that an unsportsmanlike foul sounds... unsportsmanlike. But I don't know what it looks like. And I don't know if that was one. But again, don't trust me with the analysis. Oh. Wait. Wow. That is unsportsmanlike.

3:08 in the first quarter. Camera switching fail.

2:55 in the first quarter. "The question is," Boom Gonzales asks, "how many players will coach Juno Sauler use? The last time, he used seven." This is a question you typically associate in showbiz news segments. "May namamagitan ba sa pagitan nila Ramon Bautista at Jinri Park?" That sort of thing.

2:38 in the first quarter. "Siyam na!" Matter of national importance much? Trivializing our coach's choices much?

1:24 in the first quarter. Norbert Torres blocked that ball like a student who didn't attend his college graduation. Which likely is the case, because he did graduate today.

End of the first quarter. "Pinapakawalan kasi ng La Salle ang UST sa labas," I was saying out loud, and then... someone throws a three for the yellow side. I'd like to say "I told you so," but if I rushed to the arena and did just that, I'll be lynched by a bunch of rabid Lasallians, some of which will likely be my friends. UST is up 16-18.

9:18 in the second quarter. Won't La Salle do anything with the fact that the entire UST team is waiting in the paint when one of them attempts a shot? Damned if you go far. Damned if you go near. Damned. Just damned.

7:23 in the second quarter. Now, our courtside reporter, this Ina girl, who apparently is my brother's classmate in one floating class. Umm. Now, UST's reporter, who is still annoying the heck out of me. And now because she's reporting for UST.

6:32 in the second quarter. Perkins brings Abdul to the ground, and then helps him up. Sponsorship opportunity?

6:28 in the second quarter. I told you so.

5:40 in the second quarter. Why I shouldn't watch these games: I tend to scream like a man being killed, desperate to be noticed, and not being noticed. I'll just eat taho using a spoon, which I've never done in a while.

4:32 in the second quarter. When sponsored instant replays fail: UST steals the ball and we don't see it. The yellow Teng launches another three and suddenly the Tigers are way ahead and... no, not screaming.

3:48 in the second quarter. On Twitter, the discussion shifted to how quiet, or dignified, the La Salle crowd is. It must be irritating to be a Lasallian at the MOA Arena right now, watching the Tigers do several offensive boards in a row and not hearing your fellow men scream angrily about it.

3:02 in the second quarter. Was that Icka who was almost hit with the ball?

1:51 in the second quarter. Is it wishful thinking to have Vosotros do a slam dunk off that fastbreak?

1:23 in the second quarter. They're finally cheering, the Lasallians. And then the Archers make another error.

18 seconds in the second quarter. AVO misses a free throw and I yelp.

End of the second quarter. Well, that was a frustrating quarter. I was hoping it wouldn't be a blowout, but this was. Sure, the back-and-forth struggles for the ball were exciting, but if only one team translates that to points, well, that is irritating. And again, I'm not saying this as a Lasallian. But yeah, that sucks. As a Lasallian, albeit not one who will attend the victory party and have free pizza, that sucks.

Twenty-six past four. This is when I'd recall a memory about how being a cheering Lasallian felt like five years ago. I don't have any such memories. Okay, lynch me.

Twenty-eight past four. I hate this courtside reporter.

Thirty-eight past four. I can finally tell Jeric and Jeron Teng apart. Jeric is the guy who looks like Grant Imahara.

9:35 in the third quarter. Suddenly the lead's in double digits. Don't talk, courtside reporters.

8:08 in the third quarter. It's obvious La Salle made some adjustments to their defense. Let's see if it translates. But, then again, do not trust my analysis...

6:33 in the third quarter. Fifteen freaking points. This is frustrating for me, but this is affirming the very thing I told my colleague a few weeks back: that UST will ultimately win this season because it makes the most sense if you think of the storyline.

6:23 in the third quarter. "They only had eight points in the whole second quarter." My heart.

5:13 in the third quarter. It's funny how the commentators are boiling down La Salle's misfortune's to "malas". "May konting malas," TJ Manotoc would say. Over and over and over...

4:30 in the third quarter. The cameras are failing today. They're not where the ball is. That would annoy me if I wasn't watching this for the rivalry. On the bright side, because of the technical team's dithering, I am hearing a La Salle cheer again.

2:35 in the third quarter. Abdul is boiling out there. My mother, the Thomasian, is whooping with his every shot. And I'm here getting bored. Okay, Perkins just made a shot. That's a little better. Better than the commentators highlighting our supposed scoring run. Okay, non-Imahara Teng just made a shot.

1:09 in the third quarter. Interesting how UST is tapping every long La Salle pass without converting it this time. Maybe the malas angle is right. We're now within... four, I think? Okay, two. I meant two.

1:01 in the third quarter. My mother: "nakakainis ang second half talaga!"


13.7 seconds in the third quarter. That instant replay, insultingly sponsored by Mogu Mogu.

End of the third quarter. UST is still ahead after a buzzer beater, but hey, at least they're now just up by one.

Six past five. There are over 23,000 people in the MOA Arena today. Highest number of UAAP viewers ever, apparently, which makes sense considering how murder was almost contemplated over tickets. There were only around 14,000 people last Thursday, in that much ballyhooed NBA pre-season game (which I attended). Just saying.

8:49 in the fourth quarter. Now it's interesting. But I still fucking hate that courtside reporter.

6:38 in the fourth quarter. Dear, dear, AVO, you don't give an elbow to a player's throat. But Boom's later remark - "Kevin is checking if he still has his Adam's apple intact" - is a bit of a hoot, I admit.

5:20 in the fourth quarter. Jeric Teng is doing well. As he should. It's his last game. His storyline the very reason why I think UST will win. It just has to happen. Don't worry, I'll be lynched, I'm sure.

4:00 in the fourth quarter. Is that Toni Gonzaga? And is that AVO's bloody nose? Nah. I'm blind.

3:35 in the fourth quarter. "Jeron attacking his brother." That never sounds good. I hate these graphics that go with these sponsored instant replays. Why aren't you getting up yet, Jeron? Get up! Come on!

3:30 in the fourth quarter. A small La Salle against a tall UST. I cannot laugh. Coach Juno's words again: "my choice."

3:04 in the fourth quarter. No, not Perkins! No! We don't want to be smaller! And he looks really in pain. Noooo! That is a terrible injury. Nooooooo! Cramp? Still! Noooooooooo!

2:42 in the fourth quarter. What we lose in height, we gain in agility. Repeat after me. What we lose in height... is that Celine?

1:39 in the fourth quarter. I will make this shot. I will make the highlight reel! Shit! Miss!

1:38 in the fourth quarter. "The parents are stressed out already." More so now the game is tied again. This house I am in, it's tense now.

1:03 in the fourth quarter. Jeron Teng needed those two points. But I hope the momentum didn't die with those celebrations.

49.5 seconds in the fourth quarter. The game is tied, and now it gets really good. Good job, everyone.

39.1 seconds in the fourth quarter. Two girls looking tense, and then laughing, because the camera is on to them. Now UST gets to claim that the referees are cooking the game in favor of La Salle. Oh boy. Their crowd gets rowdy now.

19.5 seconds in the fourth quarter. Overtime?

6.1 seconds in the fourth quarter. Jeron flubs a pass. Out of bounds. Time outs called. There will be a last minute thing from UST, and they will win this. Storyline dictates that. Now, how will the Tengs celebrate? Who will go to who?

End of regulation. Overtime. Told you. I swear Pido Jarencio's red, red face just cussed.

Thirty-six past five. Dex, let's just unite and watch this Jessy Mendiola ad.

4:31 in overtime. "Vosotros for three!" "Yeah-- proot."

4:09 in overtime. Icka is having an asthma attack, she tweets, which means the medics' attentions are focused elsewhere. I bet they hate it. I hate that there's an extra period too. More courtside reporters. Graaaah. Please don't talk, miss UST! Don't-uh talk-uh!

2:43 in overtime. UST's play got messed up by their courtside reporter talking. See, ABS-CBN?

2:07 in overtime. Not expecting UST to just poop this quarter. But I shouldn't say this because when I do, the opposite happens. Last two minutes for real?

1:25 in overtime. Come on, commentators, talk about malas now! Or don't.

34 seconds in overtime. And UST is ahead again. See? I wonder what the Lasallians who sold their tickets hoping for a better seat (and getting SROs instead) feel now. Meh, they prolly don't care.

30 seconds in overtime. Jeron Teng on the line. Two free throws he must make. He must show off to his brother now. Not necessarily to win. They both need the confidence boosters now.

26.7 seconds in overtime. Jeron misses the second throw. Mariano flubs the pass. Pido is livid.

9.1 seconds in overtime. We have the rebound. We have the chance to win this. We have to go to the hospital. Can our health care system handle this? No? Shit.

2.3 seconds in overtime. Give us the ball. Give us the ball. Finally, I hear the Lasallians cheer. Loudly. Finally.

End of the season. I was wrong, but we win. The crown returns to Taft.

Fifty-seven past five. Left fist in the air. To hell with forgotten lyrics. Hail! Hail! Hail!

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