A tradition that nobody holds dearly

We're at that point in our lives when Christmas becomes a big, big thorn on our sides.

Now, I don't mean to be a Grinch - although I am aware, yes, that my last blog entry suggests otherwise - but think about it. When the holidays roll by, we hear the same warnings, of more robbers, more traffic, more chaos in stores, more pounds in our bodies. We have to think of gifts to give, to both the ones we love and the ones we're forced to give gifts to. We have crisp paper bills to put in envelopes for our godchildren, the number of which is exploding exponentially without our knowledge. We have impressions to make. And then we have the things we really ought to do, like earning money and wooing people we want to be with forever.

So, yes, I almost forgot about my Christmas eve thing - you know, the thing where I send Christmas greetings a day early and document the responses. I'll admit, I don't even know why I'm still doing this. This is a tradition that nobody holds dearly. I certainly don't have the need, or at least a bigger need, to reaffirm to myself that people still care. (To be fair, the same thing happened last year, but the whole thing with Rainy was still under wraps then. If you look at it one way, it was very, very, very new.) I am also running out of people to text, because, well, we have the things we really ought to do, like earning money, networking with influential people and avoiding Niko Batallones.

And then there's the fact that I just wasn't in the mood to think of a greeting that would sum up the year. I was in the mood to spend my three-week leave in style, even if all it really amounts to is me staying at home.

Here's hoping that your 2013 was awesome, and that your 2014 will be awesome-r, whatever that means. Let's do this early: happy holidays!

37 people received that text message this morning, from all corners of the world. (Now there's a first. It is a perk of having consumable phone plans. The downside is, I no longer have everybody else's phone number, which means, yes, Y2K, I'm not sending you a text message, even if, yes, you are based in Singapore now, and last year you got to reply to me because you weren't abroad.) And I sat back and didn't really wait for the responses because, well, really. Which self-respecting human being sends Christmas greetings the day before? For seven straight years? Even if there is no longer, arguably, such a thing as network congestion?

Me, as it turns out. And only because I have the urge to stick to this blog tradition that nobody holds dearly.

From Samantha Pagkalinawan: Happy holidays, manedyer!

From Malia Viardo: Happy holidays to you and your family!

From Franz Trono: Happy Christmas to you too, Niko!

From Dinna Respati, our first international participant: Aww, happy holidays to you too, Nicksy! Hope it is indeed happy and you get to do non-boring things! This counts as boring, I'm afraid. Cheers for new, improved, and kickass 2014!

From Mika Ayson: Avoiding the Christmas rush? Well, yes, I still am. Merry Christmas, Niko. Here's to more libres from you!

From Mika Ayson, after I told her that she will treat me next time: I highly doubt that.

From Mika Ayson, who (I must give a backgrounder) I treated to lunch after she won a bet on whether a girl or a guy will win American Idol: You mean, next year? I said "this year" by mistake. We'll figure something out. She refused my "will Will shoot Hannibal this year?" proposal.

From Piyar Recuenco: Happy holidays, Niko!

From NiƱa Uy: Hi Niko, merry Christmas! When will we have lunch?

From the woman whose name I still officially don't know, so we will just call her Immie: Thanks Niko. Merry Christmas too, may 2014 bring you the best in everything!

From Icka Alcantara: Gracias, Niko! Yay for a pretty decent 2013 and an even better 2014. Happy holidays!

From Hazel Elizes: Happy holidays too, Niko! And guess what, may ukelele na ako! Yehey!

From Hazel Elizes, happy ukelele owner: OMG it's so cute I'm so happyyyy!

From Hazel Elizes, happy crazy ukelele owner: Friend ko, just last Sunday. Yeeeaaahhh nape-play ko na "I'm Yours" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "Can't Help Falling In Love". I'm on a roll!

From Hazel Elizes, who I promised to give a peso coin to if she carols in front of my house: Wow, thanks, ha! Well, you're welcome. And it is a tall order. She lives in Quezon City. I don't live near that.

From Jhie de Leon: Happy holidays talaga? Well, why not?

From Jhie de Leon: Wala lang. Di ba issue yung greeting in either "happy holidays" and "merry Christmas"? Well, I use both, but happy holidays just slides better when you say it. It's a bit of an alliteration or something. Daming alam, non-sense naman. Anyway, enjoy!

From Drea Dizon: I like that! Merry Christmas, Niko! Snowflake, snowman, Christmas tree.

From Ariane Astorga: Happy holidays to you too! Forgive me, ha, pero your number isn't registered on this phone. How dare you, Ariane! Care to give your moniker?

From Ariane Astorga, after I told her who I am: I knew it! Nahiya lang ako manghula, baka mali. 'Cos of the way you wrote it. And you always greet early! Damn it, I do have a reputation. Happy happy holidays, Niko!

From Tracy Gumapas: Merry Christmas, Henrik!

From Lauren Montino: Thanks, 'nak! Sosyal, international ang text. Yeah, I can spend money to send a text message to Sydney, but not to go to Sydney. Merry Christmas!

From Chex Baquiran: Happy Christmas, Niko!

And happy holidays to you too. Now, the question: I may have bucked the diminishing returns thing, but do I still do this next year?

And your responses...


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