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There's something I realized in the past few weeks of blogging and tweeting and getting blocked: it must be really nice working for a production company.

I mean, any production company, whether you're a hot shot concert organizer who can bring these semi-obscure bands to local venues, or a one-man operation personally selecting outrageous suits for some D-lister with aspirations to fame. Yeah, from where I am one seems cooler than the other, but then again, someone else will think the complete opposite. Still, I stand by my observation: it must be really nice working for a production company.

For one, nothing beats the rush of setting something big up. I've been there, but then again, I was in charge of the logistics for a pretty big event my office organized, one that involved several meetings with at least three hotel staffers, a guest list that ballooned to 180 people (and one that would, sadly, shrink to around 120) and a lot of running around, making sure the laptops work and the 150-minute pre-event mix I stitched together plays out perfectly. Yes, it gets tiring, and there are many times when you wish it was all over so you could lie down in bed and snore without a care, but the rush right near the end, when you realize you've pulled it off - that's something.

But that's a corporate event. A boring corporate event. I didn't have any celebrities fly over, but then again, I don't work for a sexy, consumer-facing line. Being a guy responsible for staging shows has the same thrill, but it has the extra sexiness, whatever that means for the audience you're targeting, and that why I think it must be really nice working for a production company.

Imagine this. You have a whole night for yourself. A whole night to bring the best people and mount the best show possible. A whole night to get the attention of the coolest people, or at least what those glossy magazines say are the coolest people. And when you pull it off, oh, man, you are awesome. You are a hero. You are sex. You are sex itself.

Well, granted, it's not really that easy. If anything, you need connections. I relied on our sales team for people to invite; otherwise a newspaper ad for an event that less than half of a percent of the world population care about will not make anything happen. You need connections. You need to know people who know people who know people. So, no, I'm afraid to say that there's no way for you to be cool by working hard on it. You cannot work hard on being cool. You can never be made to be cool. You can only be born cool.

So, yes, you mount these successful shows every night, and you see the same old people, but who cares, right? You're cool. You're cool to them. You're cool to everyone. All these mortals, they will sell their souls just to be with you, or near you, or far from you, or whatever. I mean, you get these big names to perform on your nights in some superclub somewhere in Libis or something. I want VIP passes! This cool thing you have, it's the one thing everybody wants, and it's the one thing everybody cannot get - well, unless they were born with it.

You are now the most powerful person... well, in particular realms. But still. You get to decide what is cool and what is not, at least to some people. You get to say that the things you do is the biggest thing to happen for miles, at least to some people. Your tastes become immaculate, and your beliefs become divine, at least to some people. To some people.

But who cares, right? You're cool. You were born to be cool. Haters be damned, you're the coolest person... well, again, in particular realms. And nothing can stop you. So yeah, it must be really nice working for a production company. You get insider access to things you never really determined to be cool yourself, but this is just work, so, you know, take what you can get. Some forgotten acquaintance will still hunt you down and beg for backstage anything.

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