Lipstick. Burgundy. At least I think it is.

I didn't really make it clear when I wrote about it a month ago. I know it's weird that people who have not seen each other ask "how are you?" when they do meet, and then leave it unanswered. I mean, really, what's the point of asking if you aren't expecting an answer?

But, really, it's just a minor quibble. It's still nice to see a familiar face when you least expect it. It's still nice to, in whatever way, be able to reconnect, even if it's just an awkward excuse for a handshake, or a simple "hi".

I mean, I no longer expect much. I've bumped into so many people I know since graduating. Only a few times did we linger for a chat. Nobody lingers for a chat anymore, unless you set an appointment or something, or you're already special to them, or whatever. We're at that point in our lives where talking to people we used to hang out a lot with requires a special occasion. But since that never really happened to me - college was me being adrift, oscillating between "hanger on" and "no friends at all" - I'm really perfectly content with a "hi". Or not, because I'd yearn later, but for a split second, at least, I'm fine with it.

Today I bumped into someone. She also works in Ortigas, apparently. We weren't really close, either. But I've mentioned her here a bunch of times. So there, there's your clue. No more.

I wouldn't normally conceal identities, but - and, anyway, back to the story. I bumped into her. I was walking to my office and, I assume, she was, too. I remember staring at her face from afar, trying to figure out if it was indeed someone I know. I, for some reason, locked my eyes at her lips. Specifically, her lipstick. Burgundy. At least I think it is. And I remember going, to myself, that it does not quite fit her.

So, yes, it's her. And so I call her. Name, I said.

Ohhh! she said.

And then she walked faster.

She walked faster to the convenience store nearby.

So maybe she was getting breakfast. But she walked faster. She walked faster. When she saw me. So I walked. Faster. Ran, maybe. I badly needed to pee, but I didn't stop by the McDonald's on my route because I felt incredibly insulted.

And your responses...

She walked faster... and fell into Rainy's manhole.

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