Evil tricks (on me)

Let me just remind you, Niko, that you're probably crushing on her because she looks good in uniform.

I know.

And besides, Gretchen Ho looked ordinary when she left the Ateneo squad and became a television starlet.

I know, I know. It's not as if I'm obsessed or anything. I'm past that.

True. But, also, you do know that you will look utterly idiotic for doing this, right?

Because fantards will be fantards?


Yeah, but this isn't a big deal anyway. Again, it's not as if I'm obsessed or anything. I'm just saying, she's pretty, that's all.

Why again?

Facial structure, I think?

Cheekbones... I can see that.



They look in place despite all that jumping.

But they're eyebrows. They don't get unruly unless it's bushy in the first place.

Err, right. Err... her hair.

Well, yeah, it's black and long and... well, it's tied.

But it's long.

And pitch black.

At least from what I see, yeah.

She looks like she will cut you down if she hears what you're saying right now, though. I think you're crushing on the unattainable again, Niko.

Come on, you're making me sound very obsessed. Or a bit obsessed for that matter. No. Hell no. I'm just saying she's pretty, and I was going to point out, again, that... that...

That what?

That it must be the uniforms.

Your side has pretty players, too.

But I went to La Salle and I imagine them in their usual school outfits. I mean, I know Celine played for a couple of years, but I also know her as a friend and as a blockmate.

The unattainable?


Or you're proving Icka correct again with the half-thingy.

Craaap, you're right.

Look she's on.


Yeah, I see.

Looks like we'll win the championship tonight.

Yeah, but I think you'll see her next year.

I don't know much about this, but I might, yeah.

You do know you're crushing on someone waaaay younger than you, right?

Well, my girlfriend is five years younger than me, but...

She's younger than her, right?


And your responses...

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