A check mark beside your name

So Twitter's rolling out a new interface, and it looks like Facebook, and I don't care, because I use TweetDeck to maintain two accounts.

"Randomly went to Mo Twister's Twitter page and saw his profile has been converted to the newer-newer Twitter design," Anna tweeted. "Oh."

"And your point is?" I replied. "It's not a snotty question, I swear."

"Why don't I have it yet if he has it and he's a nobody? Also known as, inggit ako. But okay lang. Nice to see that new design in action na hindi lang screenshot."

I actually saw it in action before the news came out. I stumbled into Nina Nesbitt's Twitter account - singer, British, taking pictures with herself, self, self - when I saw this weird-looking layout. Not linear. Definitely not linear. It had a big cover photo and a bigger name and... it looks like a Facebook account.

So I went to my own page and I saw the same thing. And I don't usually hate change because it's different from what I'm used to - this could be a lie - but I was definitely put off by that change. I mean, remember when Twitter was simple?

That look disappeared after a minute, though. Both on my account and Nina's. I put it down to a glitch. I should've taken a screencap; I would've had an exclusive.

"Is he a verified account, though?" I asked Anna.

"Yup!" she answered. "Hmm. Okay. That's probably why he has it. I haven't lurked outside my timeline for months, eh."

"Feeling ko sila inuuna, eh. Iba na ang world order ng Twitter. Verified before the rest of us na. Patay."

"World order talaga?"

"'Yun una kong naisip, eh!"

And they said the Internet was supposed to be free and equal for everyone, but now you need your own domain name to make your presence known. And you need to pay Rupert Murdoch to read the news. And you need to be in the right country to watch what you want. And you need a check mark beside your name to get perks - if you could call them that - much like that stupid car sticker McDonald's gives away, maybe with that breathy-voiced girl singing in the background, encouraging you to be happy just for the sake of being happy. But none of these things matter though, right?

And your responses...

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