I've been looking at my most recent blog entries - err, essays, short essays - and yes, I do notice that they're either relatively gloomy or relatively angry. I would argue that some of them were initially written with an aim to be humorous, or something, but no, they're just either relatively gloomy or relatively angry. And the humor seems to be merely cruelty, or, in the case of all the grammatical errors in my last entry, ineffective.

You know the world today. All we want is to be happy. Yes, it's a pretty lofty goal, but we seem to have figured out some sure rules on how to be happy. Always think positive thoughts. Don't go near anyone who spews out negative thoughts. Don't listen to haters, because haters will always hate. And right now, I'm having a bit of a crisis in affirmation, since my blog is, well... I know that nobody reads me anymore, because nobody reacts to what I write anymore. I think people are avoiding me now. (Or again.) They see my name, they squirrel away. Ew, he's so negative. He's a hater. I have to stay away! That sort of thing.

And you know what? It's irritating. Very irritating. Mostly to me, of course. I hate being (relatively) negative. Sure, I always called myself a realist. I don't like sugar coating things. But I don't like it when I complain too much on here. It's really just my thing with variety talking. You get irritated when the same families run for elections, right? When the same plot lines get rehashed on television? When the same cliques organize music festivals? Exactly. So here goes my attempt at blogging something cute and adorable for a change. Call it detoxification.

I was at the car wash this afternoon. There is a videoke machine inside it. Nobody was singing, of course - the few people there were waiting for their vehicles to finish the whole washing thing. Sprays of soap foam, sprays of water, and a wee bit of tire black for good measure.

Well, there was one person singing. It was a little girl. She was around four. "Nanghihinayang", that masa pop classic of the early 2000s (if I remember correctly), was being played, and she was singing along. Arguably. She was just saying "ahhhh" out loud. Singing "ahhhh" out loud. And not to the tune of the song. She was just, you know, singing.

Nanghihinayang / Nanghihinayang ang puso ko

Ahhh / Ahhhhhhhhhhhh / Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Sa piling ko'y lumuha ka lang / Nasaktan lamang kita

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh / Ahhhhh

And then her dad asks her to stop. But she resumed a song later. Same thing, with added high-pitched squeals that, when blasted on a videoke machine's speakers, can shatter glass. This, I thought, is how delusional and actually bad singers start.

Crap, that was another negative blog entry. Stop it, Niko! Have you not learned anything? This is why people go out of their way to block you on every social media channel available - because all you focus on is the negative. Remember, Niko. There's no nefarious reason behind everything. A statement is a statement. A promo is a promo. And haters like you, Niko? Haters will hate.

And your responses...

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