I will not apologized for what I'll say next: I feel awesome.

I mean, what do I have to complain about? I have a good job. My colleagues like me. My friends like me more. My boyfriend loves me a lot.

I mean, he really loves me a lot. I know he works in a different country, but he always sends me gifts. Look, he sent me a gold watch two weeks ago. Isn't this beautiful? And he always leaves me notes, too. I love handwritten notes. His English may not be perfect - funny, because he works in Jeddah, he has to speak English to be understand - but I know he loves me a lot, so I don't mind at all.

What about your boyfriend? Let's be honest here. Does your boyfriend really love you? Does your boyfriend really love you? Because I know my boyfriend really, really, really loves me. Every time he sends me a gift I feel very love. Your boyfriend? I only met him once. I don't see him dropping you off at work. I don't see him picking you up from work. I don't see him giving you gifts.

I want you to honest with me. Does your boyfriend love you? I know you love him a lot, but does he really love you? I ask you this because I am concern for you. I mean, you're not the best looking girl I know. Well, I am the best looking girl I know, so there's no doubt about that. But you're... you're nice. But you're weird. And you're a little crazy. I'm sorry, I'm just saying what I think. I said I will gonna be honest, and I am gonna honest. I want you to honest with me, too. Does your boyfriend really love you?

I wasn't always this happy. You know about my former boyfriend, right? That son of a bitch. We are together five years! We had some really good times! And then, one day, he says he's enough of me. Calls me self-absorb. Says all I'm thinking is myself, that I take him for granted. I tell him, you're lying! Stop being a liar! Be honest! So, he says, yes, I will honest to you, and I want to break up with you.

I was devastated. I mean, I was really devastated. How can he do this to me, the girl who loves him more than anything? But then, I realized, I should have saw the signs early on. He says he loves me but, really, he doesn't. He will not gonna call me self-absorb if he really loves me. The perfect boyfriend should devotes his whole life to making his girlfriend happy. He says "I love you" a lot, and we hanged out a lot, and we have lots of fun, if you know what I mean. But it's not enough.

I'm happy with him, but I think he could make me happier. He could showered me with gifts if he really loves me. I rob my phone once, so I asked him to buy me one, and he just said he doesn't have the money. And then he treats me to dinner. He's lying! He has money! That son of a bitch.

And then he breaks up with me, and then he finds himself another girlfriend. The gall. She is very way uglier than me. And she's so self-absorb. I mean, have you seen her photos? She always flaunted her cleavage, always making that kissing face or whatever bullshit that is. And how dare she write those posts about me. Yeah, she does not send them to me, but I know, for sure, that she's writing about me. "The past is an inferior version of your present, and your present is an inferior version of your future." How dare she call me inferior! She is ugly. She has no class. And her English is terrible! She is a slut, I tell you.

But you know, I realized, I was blind by love. I did not realized I was falling in love with a guy who is a good for nothing. I deserve better than that son of a bitch. I told myself that I should keep my standards high - and my skirt too, so I could be attracting better men who I deserve more. And now I do. He's working in Jeddah as a barista in a coffee shop. He always sends me gifts. He loves me soooo much. I feel so blessed!

And your boyfriend? I'll be honest. He does not love you. And I don't blame him. You're not pretty. You're weird. You love this... this bear thing. Your boyfriend makes voice for this? He's just letting up with you. He will gonna go out. For all we know, he's looking for someone new right now. That's why he doesn't give you gifts, right? He's saving money so he can woo someone new, so he can cheat on you. He's cheating on you, I'm telling you. He doesn't think you're worth his time and money. You're a little crazy. You're weird. You like that Korean bullshit. You know he's a hipster, and hipsters will not have nothing of your Korean bullshit. And I know. I checked him out once. I'm just being honest here. Keep your standards high. Or... or maybe don't, because when he leave, you will gonna have a hard time finding someone.

But when that happens, don't worry. I'll be here. I will listen to your problems and I will ease the pain. I promise. Honest. Promise.

And your responses...

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