Notes on a gawker's bible

100. Gretchen looks better on her uniform. Always has, always will.

97. I don't watch the PBA, so... but I do know she isn't the one who got Gatorade dumped on her. Or was it? See? I don't know what I'm talking about.

92. Wait, she's here?

88. Oooh, Nicole. Sorry, but that ass.

84. I remember seeing Sanya in person, when I was still in La Salle, when she was still a Myx VJ. I remember being quite intimidated. Also, yes, she was a radio DJ before that, and yes, now she's a club DJ. And no, back then I didn't quite connect her to her legendary rocker dad.

80. This is a good photo.

75. Ew. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

73. Julia's here, so will Kathryn be here? Or is it too soon? I don't know what the others will think, no.

71. Ha. More people find Angela Gabrielle sexier than... haaaaaa.

68. This is not a good photo.

66. I know Andi has bounced back from that whole pregnancy thing, but I wonder what would happen if she wasn't knocked up?

56. I'm completely uncomfortable with this direction. I don't know. Maybe I'm in some sort of statis from the 90s and I still see her as teen show material. Either that, or a part of me is going "isn't she pushing 30 by now?" Not that I'm ageist or anything.

54. Interesting how people still make it to this list despite almost disappearing completely. Likely their fan armies or something wage campaigns here too? Or I just don't have an idea who's still on TV.

50. Rufa Mae Quinto is immortal.

42. And speaking of Gatorade...

38. I'm not in this demographic. I know some of the names, but I don't know them intimately. Surprisingly. And I'm just 25.

33. Chloe Dauden. I will remember her for that headline on ABS-CBN about her FHM photo shoot. Why, I thought, did they make a big deal out of her being topless when they won't show the ultimate proof of toplessness anyway? Also, yes, she showed more than you'd expect.

28. Wait, Yam played drums for what band?

21. Maja had a bikini shoot?

18. People find Kim Chiu sexy? This is an outrage.

17. I always preferred Ehra to Michelle.

14. I will never understand the appeal of Alodia Gosiengfiao. Granted, I'm no gamer, I'm no otaku, and I'm no cosplayer wannabe. I'm not sure if Rainy wants to revisit that, too. (Hi hun. Don't be angry at this blog entry pleeeease.)

13. Hi, Dex.

10. I actually find Jinri Park hot.

8. Ellen Adarna, on the other hand...

7. Alice Dixson is the story of the year. I like how she embraced this semi-cougar role. Should I call it that? Isn't that demeaning? Isn't this list demeaning? Isn't this blog entry demeaning?

6. I will never understand the appeal of Solenn Heussaff. Yes, I likely have a thing for half-halfs (ask Icka) but she's an exception.

5. Cristine. Hm. Never leaves this place.

4. I didn't expect Jennylyn to rank so high. But wait, she's in the same spot last year?

3. Angel... haven't we moved on from her being sexy yet, or is it an unfulfilled desire or something?

2. Sam is at number two? Sam is still at number two?

1. Marian?

And your responses...

I wish I got to do something like this, too. Haha.

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