All these things that I've done

I was on a music video frame of mind.

The Killers was on my earphones and I had this stride that suggested there's a camera in front of me and I had to act fierce. Not that I was fierce. I was just texting Rainy. "Are you getting my texts?" I asked her, assuming that her phone was being wonky again.

I looked back up and realized that, if I didn't look up sooner, I'd be in a collision course with a fancy stair fixture.

I really was on a music video frame of mind. I veered right to avoid the stairs, and just as the last parts of the song swelled in, I saw, in front of me, a couple. The girl, considerably shorter than the guy, was holding his cheeks, cupping his face with both of her hands. I thought, isn't that cute? which certainly wasn't my mindset two years ago, when I was still very much cynical about love and all that it entails, all while hopelessly looking for it.

Now - I tell this to Rainy relatively often - I am now one of the monsters I blogged about constantly before, and I don't seem to hate myself because of it. That makes me a hypocrite, I know.

I walked past the couple, but - again, music video frame of mind - I looked at them as I passed by. The timing was perfect. I'm the guy who walks with flair, looks at this pair, and walks with flair again, and that ends the video.

But all that comes crashing down once I get a good look at the girl and realize something.

"Is that Trix?" I asked.

And your responses...

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