Kimbra has landed and I am freaking out

"I hardly ever feel this way about my fandoms anymore, but I must meet Kimbra in person!"

"Shall we do it together?"

"Sure! But how where when whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy OMG OMG OMG OMG--"

"I'm worried because I have something on Thursday! Cry. Activate Matt Bellamy powers!"

My mind was going back to Aly's post, a few years back, of Muse's vocalist, up close, playing the guitar, looking epic, somewhere in Singapore.

"I didn't meet Matt," she said. "I met Dom, their drummer."

"But it was in pursuit of Matt, yes?"

"All of them. At least I was 33.3% successful!"

Earlier this morning I took out my Sharpie - the Ceremonial Dia Frampton Sharpie - and put it in the bag I'll be using for Friday's concert.

When I recalled that, as I sat on my work desk, utterly distracted and surprisingly nervous, I realize that, in some weird twist, I have, arguably, a 100% success rate.

"Why so early?" Anna asked Allene earlier this year, the day of the inevitable Meg & Dia follow-up gig. "Are you going to do what Niko did last year?"

"Yes," she replied. "Just hoping. Niko's experience last year was so epic."

What's so epic about sitting on a sofa for three hours waiting for something you know will happen, but just aren't very sure of?

"At least it worked!" I told Aly. "Crap. I'm nervous."

"These people might know something?" she replied, attaching a link to the local fan club, or at least one of them.

"From experience, fan groups only know as much as we do. When they learn something, chances are, we will, too."

I actually know more than I thought I did. Was it all the American Idol coverage I did years ago? Was it the trip to the radio station, conveniently dropping off CVs, only to miss the chance because of nerves? Was it all the time spent seated at the sofa, or going out to get a good phone signal so I could tweet nervously about, well, waiting for something?

"Tonus," the facilitator said during the presentation skills workshop I attended for work a couple of years back. "Hindi siya nerbyos. It's tonus. It's a good thing."

I was just daydreaming of bumping into Kimbra at the concert venue itself, which is a long shot, and getting an interview for my blog, which is an even longer shot.

Admittedly, I was more excited about meeting Alyssa. And finally holding Rainy's hands again, as we crane our necks watching "Cameo Lover" and doing a concert review together. But no, that's all out of the window now, as of twenty minutes ago.

Kimbra has landed and I am freaking out.

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