Blogging 102 (for aspiring bloggers, among others)

I know. This whole premise makes me look like a self-important douchebag. Why am I writing a blog entry about how to write blog entries? Why the hell am I writing a blog entry telling people how to blog?

Well, if every blogger - the unfortunate modern definition, mostly - if every blogger out there is doing a how-to, then why shouldn't I? I've been doing this for almost ten years, after all! If anything, I'm a veteran. I'm not popular, but I'm a veteran.

Man, I've been doing this for ten freaking years. What have I done with my life?

Well, I've written a lot about my life. It's probably not the best decision, come to think of it, because now I'm a quick Google search away. I don't know for sure if my apparently well-documented love "problems" will impact my employment prospects, but hey, I can be paranoid about this.

So I've shifted to writing about my views on things. Also probably not the best decision, for the same reasons. I guess this is why most bloggers just endorse things now, eh?

But again, I'm a bit of a Quixotic purist. I blogged to write. I always loved writing, but I sucked at it, of course, and then I got better, of course, as I got along. Or I got more annoying as I got along. Really, nobody's interested in the mundane particulars of your life, unless you're brilliant at making it interesting. And nobody's interested in a properly composed essay on particular topics, either. That makes you a self-important douchebag, and a smartass, too.

Yeah, I guess I have nothing to say here.

All I know is this: I came here to write. Well, not always. I came here to document the progress of this website I never even started constructing, back in the days when I had web designer aspirations (and had the books to prove it). And then my apparently undeclared love of writing overtook me, and I began writing, about those mundane particulars, about donuts and lectures, about many one great loves (and, ultimately, my one great love), about corrupt presidents and self-promoting subsocieties and foreign cities.

Along the way, I typed a few words wrong. I made typos. I attempted to correct all of them, but I don't, because I am a terrible typist. I bored myself more than I bored my few readers. I went on two-week stretches without a post - I still foolishly make a point of writing at least four blog entries a month here, which means, yes, I do far too much writing - and then I went on weeks where I'd write one post a day. I dealt, occasionally, with bullies in the comments. Death threats, even, from keyboard warriors hiding under the cloak of anonymity.

And heaven knows I've written a lot of blog entries that I regret since, some because they say nothing, and some because I've done a better job fleshing my thoughts out just a few days later. Yes, I repeat myself. I repeat myself a lot. But that's what you get when you write about the things you care about, in the way you deem fit. You're ultimately writing for yourself, and if anyone sees it, and likes what they see, then, well, icing on the cake. Or maple syrup on pancakes.

Well, I hope you are writing for yourself, and not for, I guess, other things.

I haven't been asked by anyone about blogging. Thankfully, because, one, I don't want to see myself as a hot shot - I'm just a veteran, not a hot shot - and two, I don't have that much advice to give anyway. Just go write, that's what I'd say.

And your responses...

I haven't been here for so long. I might write a Blogging 103 in honor of this blog post.

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