As for that extra day...

I'm just forcing myself to write something today, the 29th day of February. Leap day.

It's not a blog tradition, although, as it turns out, I have written something on the last two leap years. I don't know. I guess I thought we'd have something worth talking about on a day that is so special it only comes once every four years, a day so special the universe literally made it so.

I wish that was the case, but today was really just an ordinary day. You know, like I usually do. A day spent thinking, doing, regretting, and doing anyway. A day spent being productive, or at least trying to, knowing deep inside that you aren't really all along.

But it isn't really an ordinary day.

But it is, in a way, just another day. Granted, it's a day capitalists of every stripe use to earn everything you ought to earn for yourself, but still, just another day.

Apparently today's a day for women to propose to men, but I don't think that's a thing here, so, well, no.

Apparently if I turn down a woman who's proposing to me, I ought to give her money. You know, like two paragraphs ago.

What else?

I did say, I'm just forcing myself to write something today. Something's bound to come up; the universe itself willed so.

But, well, I have nothing.

And your responses...

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