I am so much better than you

I am so much better than you because I am voting for Mar Roxas.

Unlike you, I understand the hard work the current administration has done to stop the decline of this country. I have seen the efforts to eradicate the corruption that has blighted this country, my beloved country, for so long. Only under Noynoy Aquino would the likes of Arroyo and Revilla and Enrile - the vermin of this land - be put in jail. Only under Noynoy Aquino would the likes of Gutierrez and Corona be kicked out of office for preventing justice run its due course - its due course favoring the people.

Unlike you, I do not spend my time complaining about the smallest things. I have hope, and I have trust. I have the highest hopes for the Philippines, the country to which I am devoted to with all my heart and soul. I have the highest trust in this government to do the right thing. Only they can do the right thing. This is not opinion: this is fact. Under whose watch would our economic numbers blossom? Under whose watch would we gain the respect of the entire world, rather than become its laughingstock?

Unlike you, I want only the best for the Philippines. Unlike you, I want the gains we've had these past six years to continue. Unlike you, I don't want to go back to the dark, to a time when people expected the worst and laughed at people who hoped for the best. The best has come; why would we let it go? This is why I am voting for Mar Roxas.

I am so much better than you because I am voting for Jejomar Binay.

Unlike you, I truly care for the common man. You say that all that you do is to bring them up - but, seriously, though, have you? You haven't! The common man is still languishing in their pits while you and your sort have just gotten richer, gotten better, gotten further. You say you're for ensuring the common man is not left behind, but you've done the opposite. You left them behind, choosing only your friends. You're stuck with your clique. This is not high school anymore.

Unlike you, I believe that everybody has the best intentions. That's what Jejomar Binay is: a man with the best intentions. People all over have tried bringing him down because he's not like them, because he came from humble beginnings, unlike the rest of those in the field. He worked his way up and, when he got to a better position, he did everything he could to help his fellow common man. Look at Makati. The poor, the old, the disabled - they enjoyed comforts and benefits that no other mayor could have given. Makati is prosperous - the home of financial giants - and yet the poor and the rich are in equal footing. Only Jejomar Binay could do that.

Unlike you, I believe that the person best suited for the top job is someone who truly understands the plight of the common man. All of you only care for what matters to you. You don't care about everybody else. You only care about you. I care about everybody else. Everybody else will not get a shot when somebody else becomes president. This is why I am voting for Jejomar Binay.

I am so much better than you because I am voting for Grace Poe.

Unlike you, I am all for reconciliation. What's the use of fighting everyone to get your way? You're making enemies, and that's not good! We need to come together. We need to rally for a common cause. All these other candidates are about splitting this country up so they can rule over the chaos - either you're for this side or that side. Not Grace Poe. Like the mother that she is, she cares for the country, so much so that she would not want to divide it. So, yes, there is some good that happened these past six years, but it could be better. We dropped the ball a few times, while in others we played so well. That's how we should do things.

Unlike you, I believe what matters more is how noble a person's intentions are. So what if Grace Poe has not been a resident of the country for ten years? So what if Grace Poe was actually an American citizen? What's important is, she came home. What's important is, she renounced her American citizenship. What's important is, she's committed to the cause of bringing this country to new heights. And only she has the mind and the heart to do so - a mind and a heart that will not tear this country apart.

Unlike you, I truly care for my country, and am willing to sacrifice my present comforts if only to make it better. What are my comforts if I get out and I see a stalled train, cars stuck in traffic, people stuck in their jobs, no opportunities to get ahead? Unlike you, who are in the status quo, I am willing to take a chance on someone who may seem unassuming but really has the country's best interests at heart. This is why I am voting for Grace Poe.

I am so much better than you because I am voting for Rodrigo Duterte.

Unlike you, I want real change. Real change. Everybody else promised change, but what have they done? They fucked things up instead. Look, crime is going up. Every night on the news you see someone being robbed, being raped, being killed. That's because people are getting poorer. That's because those motherfuckers in office care more about enriching themselves than truly making this country the great place that it should be, that it deserves to be.

Unlike you, I am tired of this bullshit. Look at them, with their high-faluting words and their deep concepts. Reconciliation? Look where that got us. Do you feel safe? Do you feel scared for your life, your belongings, your dignity? Fucking reconciliation - we need to stand up, once and for all, and demand real change! To hell with politeness. To hell with political correctness. We need someone who will speak truth to power, who is not afraid to say what's on his mind, and who will not spend all his time apologizing for this and that. Real talk, dude. Real talk. That's what this fucking country needs.

Unlike you, you motherfucker, I truly love this country. I love this country, and I want it to be as progressive as Singapore and Hong Kong. Only Rodrigo Duterte can do that. Have you been to Davao? Do you know how fucking safe it is there? No crime. No killers. No robbers. No rapists. No rapists! No threats to your dignity. You fucking want that, right? I do. I want a leader who will lay down the law. Davao has no fireworks. They all follow the law. That can happen to the rest of the country. No, it's not a threat, you motherfucker. If you are not up to no good, why the fuck should you be scared? I'm not. I am a good Filipino. This is why I am voting for Rodrigo Duterte.

I am so much better than you because I am voting for Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

Unlike you, I believe this country is screwed. Let's face it. The institutions are rotten. The people presenting themselves are only in it for the glory. And no matter how we try to make things better - for ourselves, for other people, for our community, for our country - we are always thwarted by people who pull the strings. Good things are coming? People have always said that, and look where we are!

Unlike you, I am realistic. I have seen the worst, but I still hope for the best. It's human nature to hope for the best. But unlike you, I know the best will not come in six years. It never comes in six years. Hell, we waited thirty years for the best to come after EDSA, many EDSAs, and look, EDSA is an eternal logjam! What we need is to invest in ensuring that the best does come. What we need is to diligently look at everything we are facing as a country today. What we need is to talk about the issues that really matter. What we need is to expose what needs to be exposed, and to praise what needs to be praised.

Unlike you, I am patient. So what is she's going to die of lung cancer? She's not yet dead. She can work! She will work! Even if she doesn't last the six years, I believe the work she will put in will put us in the right path, and I trust that this hard work will put us in the right direction. This is why I am voting for Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

I am so much better than you because I am not voting for anyone.

Unlike you, I don't care anymore. What matters is I have a job, I am happy, and I can travel once in a while. To Hong Kong, maybe, or to Egypt. Wouldn't Egypt be nice? Or Canada. Canada would be nice. And cold, too. And they have, like, a cool president. They have a president, right? Trudeau? He's cool. We will never have a leader as cool as Trudeau, and none of the options I do have right now will come close, so why bother? They cannot give us free wi-fi, or free air conditioning, across the country. It doesn't matter.

Unlike you, I am positive. Positive all throughout. There's no point is dwelling in the problems of the country. Just look all around you! Poor people? They won't solve that. Traffic? They can't build a subway in six years, fuck no. This heat? Like I said, no country-wide air conditioning. What I do have is a car, and good tunes I downloaded to my phone, because I can't stream, because the Internet here is, like, fucking slow. I do have my friends, and my hobbies, no, my passions. I do have a dog and he loves me like nobody else. I have all that. Why bother worrying?

Unlike you, I don't give a damn about these things. Why bother? It stressed everybody out, and all for nothing! All those friendships being killed online. Those idiots. Hah. I am so much better than you. As long as I am not hassled, considering the circumstances - that's all that matters. This is why I am not voting for anyone.

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