A pocket guide to visiting museums

There's only a week left for the month of May, which means there's only a week left before the whole "entrance to all government museums is free" thing ends... well, at least for this year. Whether you miss it or not, though, we have a few tips on how to make the most of your visit to the museum - a treasure trove of, well, things that will connect you to our heritage and culture!

Know where you'll go. Doing your research is never a bad thing. There's bound to be a museum that will click with your interests and preferences. Whether you're in it for the art history or for that other kind of history, there's a museum ready to satisfy your craving for knowledge.

Prepare for the long lines. This applies especially if you're looking to visit in this last week of the month. The lines are long, and you'll likely be standing under the heat. Well, you can't blame the many others who also want to connect, or reconnect, with our rich heritage and culture. Just wear light clothing and bring something to drink.

Bring a friend! Why go to a museum alone when you can spread the cultural love with someone you, well, care about? Unless you're such a loner.

Take time to read the descriptions. Museums are designed to tell you more about that thing you're looking at, whether it's some statue of some head or some sketch of some place somewhere.

Don't be afraid to explore. Don't stick to the same lane. Museums are a nice hodge-podge of things. You may stumble upon something you might really quite like... or at least find interesting. You can come in for the paintings and fall in love with the urban sketches. Or the dioramas. Maybe.

Bring a camera! Just so, you know, you could, uh, save something you really liked for later. Or, well, you can always use your phone. Most phones have good cameras nowadays, yes?

Study your surroundings. Museums have interesting hallways, and wall colors, and windows where the light falls just right... also, know the right corners. And don't forget to know the right angle and pose for you.

Put friend and camera together. Taking a selfie of you with a particular work of art is doable, but if you're looking at a masterpiece like, say, the Spolarium, then you need assistance. You brought a friend along, right? You're not just some loner who substitutes a deep appreciation of art for actual human interaction, right?

Be nice to others. Understand that there will be people who go to museums to actually appreciate the art. Ugh, like, how do you appreciate art? Do you, like, stare at a corner and go "oooh" and "aaah" repeatedly, stroking your chin and going "hmmm" for no reason at all? Such posers. But anyway, people will do what they want, and you will, too. Be nice to them. Ask nicely. "Can you please move to that side? I'll just take a photo of myself."

Take nothing but photographs. Lots of them. Oh, and leave nothing but footprints and make nothing but memories, blah blah.

Spend as much time as you want. When the museum security starts asking you to leave, leave nicely. Be happy that you have reconnected to our rich heritage and culture. Show that off by uploading everything you can online. Wait for the likes. Yes, you are cultured.

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