Pick a number

Today, while walking on the sidewalk, I saw someone who looked just like you.

Then, inevitably, I remembered you.

Hello. Did you bite your tongue today?

Really? Did you pick a number?

Did you pick the number eight?

Did you think of me when you picked that number?

Right, sure, you would not really think of me. You know me as Niko, and that's a 14, and that's too big a number for rash decisions like this.

Yeah, no worries. I know you would not think of me. We never were really that close. We just said hi when we bump into each other. That's often, because we went to the same classes and all that.

Frankly, I never really thought of you that much, either. I just remember a few things about you: how you liked movies, how you liked bands, and how you questioned my being a cum laude graduate because I did not take the terror professors, suggesting that I was less of a student than you because I somehow managed to dodge them.

Yeah, you would not think of me. Frankly, same here.

Until today.

And your responses...

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