So, here I am again, forcing myself to write something, because this is only my third essay for the month, and I should be writing four - four being a compromise, because I really should be writing five. Well, to be honest, I would have if not for the first half of the month being really busy. And then my laptop had to break, which was fun, supposedly.

Yeah, I think I have something to write about. It's just that these thoughts are so disorganized lately. I used to be able to just sit here and write, but now there's a lot of pre-writing involved. Not good if you have a self-imposed quota. I can only imagine what people who churn out content for a living have to do. Wait, I was one of those people.

Last night I was talking with a colleague about the whole idea of content. I know this sounds like marketing malarkey - even I am uncomfortable with this, and yet I both do content and work in marketing. But, you know, "content" is king, to the point that you get a lot of it that's really just filler - and, like junk food, it doesn't matter if you like it or not, because you've paid for it already, with your money or with your clicks.

So, if you're sitting on content, ehrm, "content", you have to make the most of it, so you can monetize it, and, ehrm... what the hell am I typing in here?

Today I was going through my feeds and I saw one of those crappy articles about how a particular celebrity embodied our whatever goals. I didn't click, of course. I'm not interested in the first place. I do not have hair goals - err, #HairGoals - and I will never have hair goals. #HairGoals. Crap. We have gotten to this point, and there's no turning back.

Just the day before I saw another such article, about how this celebrity couple espoused our #RelationshipGoals. I didn't click either, but it's safe to say the proof are five or so photos, impeccably lit and wonderfully framed, snapshots of a supposedly blissful life as a married couple. Because, yes, pictures speak a thousand words, yes, but it does not specify which words those are.

Some people would click on that, of course, because, you know.

There's another one - about this 26-year-old girl who has traveled to fifty countries already. As if we need more glorification of the virtues of travel. Yes, a bit rich from me, a guy who just plonked his own money for a self-funded vacation - well, I'm going with Shalla, and she plonked her own money, too. Almost four years as a couple and we have never flown together by ourselves. So maybe there's something with this glorification of travel bit. But, really, dying over and over again just so you can save enough money for seven days of bliss - seven days that you can photograph and show off to an uncaring world? #TravelGoals and all that, you know. #Wanderlust. #Explore. #Travel. #Blessed.

That, kids, is the world of content. Like this essay that I force myself to write for a self-imposed quota.

And your responses...

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